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Top 5 Fitness & Lifestyle Blogs

Forest run Fitness Laufsport

Forest run fitness running sport

The combination of good nutrition, exercise and a great attitude to life is not only important to us at 3Bears - luckily! More and more “like-minded people” share this attitude and motivate people who want to live healthily and feel good. Above all, this includes being fit and physically active.

In my blog post today I want to introduce you to my personal favorites from the best fitness blogs. Here you will find numerous great tips on healthy eating, a variety of workouts and much more on the subject of sport and 'healthy lifestyle'. The order here is completely arbitrary :)

Have fun browsing and being enchanted!

The top 5 blogs

1. Fabulous recipe ideas & fitness exercises

www.bealapanthere.de - 25-year-old Bea from Munich shares healthy recipes with lots of vegetables, fruit and superfoods and her sports experiences on her blog, from Runtastic and Freeletics exercises to the Spartan Race.

Vegetables veggies healthy diet

2. Do & Live!

www.fithealthydi.com - For blogger Diana it has to be healthy AND tasty. And that's exactly why we love her blog with great recipes and inspiration - including when it comes to sports, workouts, fitness and fashion. We think your attitude to life “Do & Live” is exactly right!

3. Discover new outdoor adventures

www.wildandfit.net - Great blog with a focus on sports, especially running, marathon running, but also yoga exercises and outdoor experiences. Get inspired!

Mountain fitness hiking outdoor experiences

4. What is the right training program and how do you motivate yourself?

www.marathonfitness.de - Mark Maslow is not only a successful fitness blogger, but also a fabulous coach. His posts are full of important facts about sporting performance, fitness and nutrition - and encourage you to get involved!

Running Fitness Running Marathon

5. How to best combine work, exercise and healthy eating

www.flooorrriii.de - The blogger and Instagramer Flooorrriii from Frankfurt motivates his fans to live a healthy and sporty lifestyle. With his own daily routine, he proves that everyday work can be perfectly combined with fitness. If you want to know how this is possible, check out his great blog!

I find these 5 blogger tips very inspiring! They always motivate me and give me new ideas for great workouts, exciting outdoor trips and unusual recipes for a 'healthy lifestyle'. So what are you waiting for? See for yourself!

Warm greetings,

Yours, Caro

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