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6 simple running tips

6 einfache Lauf-Tipps

Summer officially started this week. Are you a little late with your New Year's resolutions? Do you want to get fitter and lose a few pounds for the holiday season? Then we have 6 simple tips for you to finally start running this year - to lose weight without being hungry!

Luckily, we have an enthusiastic marathon runner on the 3Bears team. Tim, one of the 3Bears founders , loves running and started small himself. He even dared to take on the supreme discipline and took part in the big New York Marathon . But it doesn't always have to be 42.195km. Tim gave me a few insider tips for running for beginners, which I would like to share with you here.

3Bears Founder Marathon Running

Tim at the marathon in Munich.

6 tips for running beginners from 3Bears founder Tim

1. Start slowly. Very slowly!

To say "Today I start running!" and then starting with a 10km run doesn't work. This is a typical mistake. 10km may not sound like much, but for a body that is not used to the stress of running, that is a very long distance. So - tip number 1: start slowly and have fun! In the beginning, you should finish a run thinking, "That was fun!", not "Oh God, I just want to die!" Then the motivation for the second run is even greater. Runner's World, for example, has put together a very effective training plan for 5km running in 4 weeks that sets you a good pace.

2. Eat healthy!

Your body functions much better on complex carbohydrates. One should avoid sugar and refined carbohydrates and instead eat natural foods. Your body can use these more easily and prepare better for training. I discovered porridge as my perfect sports breakfast. I was so excited that I now even produce and market my own porridge with Caroline. You can do 3Bears Porridge For example, mix with low-fat quark. This is the perfect athlete's breakfast - Proats (i.e. protein oats)! You can find even more healthy breakfast ideas here .

Athlete's breakfast to lose weight Sports nutrition Athlete's breakfast Muscle building

3. Don't buy the newest thing. Not yet!

Don't get me wrong - running is a fantastic sport to spend money on all sorts of shiny things that make you feel like a real athlete. But at the very beginning, a good pair of running shoes, sports shirt and trousers are enough. Save your money. First, you should find out if you actually like the sport before spending tons of money on it.

4. Get into nature!

On the one hand, running on the belt can be quite good, especially for beginners. Because the sole of the foot is softer, the leg can be strengthened before walking on uneven forest paths. But still, running is so much fun because you get to be outside in the fresh air and discover new places. Also in the winter! Running in winter gives you a vitamin D boost that fights even the most lethargic.

Running outside or treadmill training plan

5. Get ready for new pain!

Even if you start slowly, a body that has never done anything like it before is likely to hurt. One of the most well-known running ailments is shin splints - one of the most common reasons why beginning runners stop training. I can only encourage you - you get used to it! However, if the pain along the shin bone is acute, you should switch to another type of exercise, such as swimming or cycling, for a while.

6. Set a goal!

This last point was chosen deliberately. You should first master points 1 to 5 before registering for a race. If you think you've caught the running bug, set yourself a little challenge. A 5K race is long enough to do a bit of training for and short enough not to worry too much about.

Have fun training!

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Hallo liebes Team, habe erstnalig das Probepaket bestellt und bin mit der Qualität, Geschmack und der Auswahl sehr zufrieden. Hier jedoch 2 kleine Anmerkungen: 1.) ich persönlich fand die Gesamtverpackung in Relation zum Inhalt vielzu groß 2.) meine 1- Wahl zum Probieren viel auf die mohnige Banane, hier hatte ich Schwierigkeiten, bei ersttmaligem Gebrauch, die Anleitung auf der Rückseite zu lesen, weiße Schrift auf gelben Hintergrund, nicht so gut. Mein Tip, lila Schrift auf den gelben Hintergrund. Habe dann die Anleitung auf einer anderen Packung gelesen, war jetzt kein größeres Problem. EureProdukte sind klasse, macht weiter so. Liebe Grüße und ein großartiges 2018 wünscht Heike

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