André Greipel about the Tour de France 2020

André Greipel Tour de France 2020

André Greipel is a competitive cyclist and part of our 3Bears Sport Community. André competed in the Tour de France with Team Israel Start-up Nation this year. We asked André a few questions.

Andre Greipel, 38

Sport: racing bike

Greatest sporting successes:
In my career so far I have achieved 156 winners, including 11 at the Tour de France, 7 at the Giro d'Italia and 4 at the Vuelta a Espana.

Favorite flavor: 3Bears Porridge Fine Cocoa

“In order to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle, I attach great importance to an energetic breakfast with good taste. For years, 3Bears Porridge with its great and different flavors has been my favorite to start the day well.”

– Andre Greipel

Looking back, how do you assess your premature exit from the Tour de France 2020?

The goal of every Tour de France is to get to Paris. Unfortunately that didn't work out so well for me this year because I fell on the first stage and twisted my knee and also had a deep hole in my knee that had to be stitched. From then on I basically rode every stage just to survive and didn't really have the prospect that it would get any better. On the 18th stage I had to think about it and unfortunately start the journey home early. Of course it's not nice to go home three days before the end of the tour in Paris. But health comes first.

How did you manage to recharge your batteries afterwards?

As you can imagine, after 18 days of the Tour de France you are anything but fit, so I spent a lot of time on the couch, tried to sleep for a long time and spend a lot of time with the family. I definitely didn't look at my bike during that time and therefore didn't train much.

How do you mentally prepare for a tour like the Tour de France?

In order to go into the Tour de France mentally strengthened, I usually try to get confirmation during training that the performance is definitely there. Then I try to eat well because every extra kilo doesn't really help me get over the mountains. I'm also trying to spend a lot of time with the family, as it will be very difficult to be on the tour without the family in the next three weeks.

Were there any positive moments from the Tour de France 2020 that you particularly remember?

There weren't many positive moments at the Tour de France this year. Nevertheless, I would like to mention the 6th stage place on the 11th stage, which was of course a small ray of hope for me and I was hoping that I would be able to recover health-wise, but unfortunately that wasn't the case. However, I would also like to mention the stages where I simply didn't know before the stage whether I would make it to the finish and then I was able to surprise myself at the stage finish that I had the willpower to drive to the finish.

We wish André continued success and are sure that with his ambition and a large portion of porridge he will be at the forefront again on the next tour.

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