Oat tart with chocolate mousse and berries

Hafer-Tarte mit Schokoladenmousse und Beeren

Valentine's Day is approaching... and what could be better than giving yourself a box of sweet chocolates *yawn* No more boring! No matter what (or who) you want to snack on on Valentine's Day, you're guaranteed to seduce everyone with this oat tart! Who can resist that?

Together with Food Boom, we have created a recipe video for you so that you can bake this recipe when your thoughts are already on your sweetheart...

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Preparation time: approx. 60 minutes | Cooking time: approx. 60 minutes | Rest time: approx. 4 hours

Ingredients | 2 servings

For the dough: 

For the mousse: 

  • 200g cream (30% fat) 
  • 180g dark chocolate couverture 
  • 3 eggs (size M) 
  • 50g sugar 

For the topping: 

  • 150g strawberries, fresh 
  • 70g raspberries, fresh 
  • 70g blueberries, fresh 
  • 2 stalks of basil 

Utensils: oven, bowls, rolling pin, tart pan (35 x 15 cm) , knife , fork, rack, hand mixer (whisk), pot, stove, dough scraper, whisk 


  1. Preheat the oven (top/bottom heat: 200 °C/fan oven: 175 °C). To make the dough, knead the porridge, flour, sugar, butter and water into a smooth dough. Then roll out the dough on a floured work surface and spread it into a tart pan (35 x 15 cm). Roll off any excess edges with a rolling pin. 
  2. Bake the tart dough on a rack in the middle rack for about 25 minutes. Then let it cool completely. 
  3. For the mousse, beat the cream until stiff using a hand mixer and chill briefly until you are ready to use it. Roughly chop the dark chocolate and melt it over a water bath. Mix eggs with sugar and also beat over a water bath. Then remove from the water bath, stir the mixture until cold and carefully stir in the couverture. Carefully fold in the cream, spread it over the cooled tart base and chill for about 4 hours. 
  4. For the topping Picking berries. Distribute strawberries, raspberries and blueberries over the tart. Wash the basil, shake dry, pick off the leaves and spread on the tart. 

    Tip: Alternatively, you can let the mousse cool separately, fill it into a piping bag and then distribute it decoratively on the tart base .

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