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Overnight Oats Rezepte - schneller Start in den Tag

Do you already know how to prepare porridge as overnight oats? Do you like to sleep in in the morning, have breakfast in the office or simply love something refreshingly cold from the fridge? Then read on!

"Overnight" means "overnight" in English, and that's exactly how the oatmeal is prepared! This is magically quick and easy . The evening before, put the oat flakes in the fridge with a little milk and while you have a nice dream, the oat flakes will swell in the milk. The next morning the overnight oats are nice and creamy and wonderfully delicious. All the flavors can develop and the oat flakes swell and become wonderfully digestible .

In addition to the classic warmporridge consumption, you can prepare all of our 3Bears porridge varieties as cold overnight oats: it's quick, tastes intensely fruity and is just right for morning grouches who want to make the most of every minute of sleep in the morning. Alternatively, you can also offer overnight oats as a dessert or as a healthy alternative to fruit cake!

For real overnight oats fans, we have collected our best recipes for delicious and wholesome creations here. Be inspired by the variety. Whether breakfast or dessert - there is something for everyone here!

By the way, we are always incredibly happy to receive feedback on our recipes, your variations and pictures! So feel free to leave us a comment, contact us ( info@3bears.de ) or share your great porridge moments on Instagram and Facebook @3bearsporridge



1. Vegan overnight oats with banana

A vegan delight! The overnight oats with 3Bears Poppy Banana Porridge are very easy to prepare and, combined with blueberries, are a wonderfully vegan taste magic. A truly bearish taste experience!

2. Tiramisu with a difference – full of oat flakes

Wouldn't it be great to conjure up an innovative tiramisu recipe based on porridge? That's what dear Annika, our Golden Porridge Bowl winner 2019, thought when she created her fabulous recipe “Tiramisu with a difference” for the championship. The renowned jury ( Stefan Marquard , Andrea Schirmaier-Huber and Lisa Angermann ) was immediately thrilled! Layer overnight oats, tiramisu cream and blueberry puree, top it off with berry crunch and you've conjured up a pure taste explosion.

3. Apple Cinnamon Proats for Athletes

You can easily create a quick but magically delicious Proats breakfast using our 3Bears Cinnamon Apple Porridge as overnight oats with low-fat quark and toppings.

It's quick and ideal for athletes!

4. Overnight oats with yogurt and fresh berries

Refreshingly delicious and incredibly beautiful to look at. Let our 3Bears Porridge Triple Berry variety soak in milk overnight and the next morning you only need 10 minutes to prepare the topping. Check out our fabulous recipe now.

5. The 6 best overnight oats recipes

Are you a morning person and don't have much time in the morning? But if you still don't want to miss out on the wonderfully wholesome oatmeal, then give it a try Overnight Oats . Fresh from the bear cave and to go with our overnight oats jar, we have put together our favorite overnight oats recipes for you.

6. Vegan tiramisu overnight oats with chocolate almond crunch

Who says you can't eat tiramisu for breakfast? Our guest blogger Sonja has our fabulously delicious new variety Fine cocoa conjured up a recipe for a healthy alternative to the Italian dessert classic. The ideal wake-up call - this breakfast is guaranteed to give you an energetic, chocolaty start to your day.

7. Chocolate Proats with fresh strawberries

Overnight oats are not only great for saving time in the morning, but are also super tasty and keep you full for a long time because the oatmeal swells. Aren't chocolatey porridge and strawberries just made for each other? The proof is provided by our strawberry chocolate proats with our fabulously delicious new variety Fine cocoa !

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