Losing weight with oats – fake or fact?

Abnehmen mit Hafer – Fake oder Fakt?

After a bowl of porridge you will be full of energy and zest for action. Cravings for a second breakfast or cravings for unhealthy snacks are avoided. But why is that?

Filling oats

Oat flakes are true superheroes with corresponding power: Oat flakes contain long-chain carbohydrates, which, together with the fiber they contain, ensure that you feel full for a long time. When it comes to fiber, a distinction is made between soluble and insoluble fiber. Oats contain soluble fiber (oat beta-glucan), which can bind large amounts of water. These bulking agents are real heroes because they ensure that our porridge becomes so creamy and also lasts longer in the stomach. Due to the high proportion of beta-glucan, more satiety hormones are released and we feel full and happy for a long time. Water-insoluble fiber, on the other hand, can only bind very little water and does not have the same effect. You can find these, for example, in wheat bran, legumes or rice.

Losing weight with oatmeal – fake or fact?

One portion of porridge (approx. 50 g) of our 3Bears Porridge Kerniger Classic has 186 kcal. Combined with fruits, nuts and dairy products or plant-based milk substitutes, a portion of porridge becomes a complete meal that keeps you full for a long time. Even though some tabloids report that you can lose weight with porridge, we can't agree with this 100%. The fact is that a wholesome breakfast, such as our porridge, supplies the body with valuable nutrients and the feeling of satiety lasts for a very long time for the reasons mentioned above. This has the positive effect that we don't get hungry and we also feel less like eating unhealthy snacks. This nice side effect is definitely not to be underestimated and can support weight loss.

Our tip: fortify yourself with a large portion of porridge in the morning. It provides a lot of feelings of happiness, tastes incredibly delicious and gives you enough energy for the day and a short ride on the bike or while running.

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