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Granola Lover set
Sale price€39,99 Regular price€42,95
Sold out
Granola set
Sale price€21,49 (€1,65/100g)
Nut butter set lifestyle
Nut butter set
Sale price€11,49 (€2,30/100g)
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01_OO-Lover-Set_KoKa_Hauptbild_7000615 #Ausführung Glas_standard glas lifestyle
Overnight Oats Lover Set
Sale priceFrom €41,99 Regular price€43,95
Overnight oats set lifestyle
Overnight oats set
Sale price€33,49 (€1,67/100g)
Chocolate nut set lifestyle
Chocolate nut set
Sale price€33,49
Porridge classic set Porridge classic set
Porridge classic set
Sale price€32,99 (€1,18/100g)
Organic porridge set lifestyle
Organic porridge set
Sale price€19,99 (€1,90/100g)
Oat bar set lifestyle
Oat bar set
Sale price€22,99 (€3,48/100g)
Porridge tasting set top
Porridge tasting set
Sale price€9,99 (€2,85/100g)
Large sample set lifestyle
Large sample set
Sale price€16,99 (€1,68/100g)
Porridge starter set lifestyle
Porridge starter set
Sale price€22,99
Accessory set lifestyle
Accessory set
Sale price€24,99
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Bestseller set
Sale price€49,99
Sold out
Very Berry set
Sale price€22,99