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Organic porridge set lifestyle
Organic porridge set
Sale price€19,99 (€1,90/100g)
01_Kerniges-Bircher_Hauptbild_7000272 #size_400g lifestyle
Organic porridge – hearty Bircher
Sale priceFrom €6,99 (€2,00/100g)
01_Nussiger-Kakao_Hauptbild_7000441 #size_400g lifestyle
Organic porridge – nutty cocoa
Sale priceFrom €6,99 (€2,00/100g)
01_Pinke-Beere_Hauptbild_7000443 #size_400g lifestyle
Organic porridge – pink berry
Sale priceFrom €6,99 (€2,00/100g)
banana bread banana bread
banana bread
Sale price€4,99 (€1,25/100g)
Oat pancakes Oat pancakes
Oat pancakes
Sale price€3,29 (€1,65/100g)
Peanut butter lifestyle
Peanut butter
Sale price€4,99 (€2,00/100g)
Gift voucher to print out yourself lifestyle
Gift voucher to print out yourself
Sale priceFrom €10,00
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Granola Lover set
Sale price€39,99 Regular price€42,95
Granola set Granola set
Granola set
Sale price€21,49 (€1,65/100g)
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Sold out
01_Granola_Erdnuss-Kakao_Hauptbild_7000629 #size_325g lifestyle
Granola – peanut cocoa
Sale priceFrom €5,99 (€1,84/100g)
01_Granola_Hafer-Crunch_Hauptbild_7000627 #size_325g lifestyle
Granola – oat crunch
Sale priceFrom €5,99 (€1,84/100g)
01_Granola_Red-Berries_Hauptbild_7000672 #size_325g Granola – Red Berries
Granola – Red Berries
Sale priceFrom €5,99 (€1,84/100g)
01_Granola_Roasted-Nuts_Hauptbild_7000673 #size_325g Granola – Roasted Nuts
Granola – Roasted Nuts
Sale priceFrom €5,99 (€1,84/100g)
Large sample set lifestyle
Large sample set
Sale price€16,99 (€1,68/100g)
Oat bar set lifestyle
Oat bar set
Sale price€22,99 (€3,48/100g)
01_PP_Dreierlei-Beere_Hauptbild_7000237 #size_1 Riegel lifestyle
Oat bars – three kinds of berries
Sale priceFrom €2,49 (€4,53/100g)
01_PP_Dreierlei-Nuss_Hauptbild_7000501 #size_1 Riegel lifestyle
Oat bars – three kinds of nuts
Sale priceFrom €2,49 (€4,53/100g)
01_PP_Edle-Erdbeere_Hauptbild_7000336 #size_1 Riegel lifestyle
Oat bars – noble strawberry
Sale priceFrom €2,49 (€4,53/100g)
01_PP_Feiner-Kakao_Hauptbild_7000335 #size_1 Riegel lifestyle
Oat bars – fine cocoa
Sale priceFrom €2,49 (€4,53/100g)
01_PP_Mohnige-Banane_Hauptbild_7000236 #size_1 Riegel lifestyle
Oat Bar – Poppy Banana
Sale priceFrom €2,49 (€4,53/100g)
01_PP_Zimtiger-Apfel_Hauptbild_7000235 #size_1 Riegel lifestyle
Oat Bars – Cinnamon Apple
Sale priceFrom €2,49 (€4,53/100g)
Cookbook: Oats – simply good. top
Save €2,00
Kochlöffel Kochlöffel
Sale price€6,99 Regular price€8,99
Almond butter lifestyle
Almond butter
Sale price€6,99 (€2,80/100g)
Nut butter set lifestyle
Nut butter set
Sale price€11,49 (€2,30/100g)
01_OO-Glas-schwarz_Hauptbild_8000048 #Ausführung Glas_1 glas - standard karton lifestyle
Overnight oats jar
Sale priceFrom €8,99
Overnight oats jar Overnight oats jar
Overnight oats jar
Sale price€12,99
01_OO-Glas-Community_Hauptbild_8000101 #Ausführung Glas_1 glas - standard karton top
Overnight Oats Jar - Replacement Lid Overnight Oats Jar - Replacement Lid
Overnight oats jar Overnight oats jar
Overnight oats jar
Sale priceFrom €11,99
Save €2,98
Overnight Oats Gläser-Trio Overnight Oats Gläser-Trio
Overnight Oats Gläser-Trio
Sale price€29,99 Regular price€32,97
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01_OO-Lover-Set_KoKa_Hauptbild_7000615 #Ausführung Glas_standard glas lifestyle
Overnight Oats Lover Set
Sale priceFrom €41,99 Regular price€43,95
Overnight oats set lifestyle
Overnight oats set
Sale price€33,49 (€1,67/100g)
01_OO-Bananensplit_Hauptbild_7000481 #size_400g 3
Overnight oats – banana split
Sale priceFrom €6,99 (€1,75/100g)
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Overnight oats – noble strawberry
Sale priceFrom €6,99 (€1,75/100g)
01_OO-Goldene-Mango_Hauptbild_7000410 #size_400g lifestyle
Overnight Oats – Golden Mango
Sale priceFrom €6,99 (€1,75/100g)
01_OO-Koko-Kakao_Hauptbild_7000411 #size_400g lifestyle
Overnight oats – coconut cocoa
Sale priceFrom €6,99 (€1,75/100g)
01_OO-Eiskaffee_Hauptbild_7000499 #size_400g lifestyle
Overnight oats – iced coffee type
Sale priceFrom €6,99 (€1,75/100g)
Porridge classic set Porridge classic set
Porridge classic set
Sale price€32,99 (€1,18/100g)
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Porridge spoon
Sale price€7,99
Porridge tasting set top
Porridge tasting set
Sale price€9,99 (€2,85/100g)
Porridge bowl lifestyle
Porridge bowl
Sale priceFrom €9,99
Porridge starter set lifestyle
Porridge starter set
Sale price€22,99