Granola – tastes like
homemade 😍

Super tasty and crispy, but completely
without added industrial sugar and palm oil!
Instead, our granola is 100 % vegan and only
sweetened with dates 💙 You can find more
information here: 3Bears x Sarah Harrison - Granola


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Granola set Granola set
Granola set
Sale price€21,49 (€1,65/100g)
01_Granola_Hafer-Crunch_Hauptbild_7000627 #size_325g lifestyle
Granola – oat crunch
Sale priceFrom €5,99 (€1,84/100g)
01_Granola_Red-Berries_Hauptbild_7000672 #size_325g Granola – Red Berries
Granola – Red Berries
Sale priceFrom €5,99 (€1,84/100g)
01_Granola_Roasted-Nuts_Hauptbild_7000673 #size_325g Granola – Roasted Nuts
Granola – Roasted Nuts
Sale priceFrom €5,99 (€1,84/100g)
01_Granola_Erdnuss-Kakao_Hauptbild_7000629 #size_325g lifestyle
Granola – peanut cocoa
Sale priceFrom €5,99 (€1,84/100g)
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Granola Lover set
Sale price€39,99 Regular price€42,95
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