Oat bars – three kinds of berries

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This is what you get:
  • Oat bars with blackcurrants, cranberries and currants
  • Practical for on the go, incredibly tasty and provides you with long-lasting energy
  • With purely natural sweetness and no additives
  • 100% vegan
  • Made in Germany – oursWhole grain oatmealWe source from a family-run oat mill in the Black Forest
Size: 1 bar

Clean ingredients

Without industrial sugar

Happy you. Happy planet

This filler is berry nice!

The special thing about the 3Bears oat bar Dreierlei Berry is the exactly right mix of sweet and sour, crunchy and soft. This is ensured by the special bite of our oat flakes and the berry trio of blackcurrants, currants and cranberries. The high-quality ingredients provide you with lots of power and keep you full for hours. Enjoy a whole porridge meal in to-go format with just 210 kcal.

Inspo aus der Oaty Community

Our 3Bears promise to you.

We founded 3Bears in 2016 because we were frustrated by how much sugar was hidden in so many foods. We brought porridge to Germany because for us it makes the perfect, wholesome breakfast. You can now get pretty much everything related to oats from us: overnight oats, bars, granola and accessories. And you can trust us to always stick to our principles. There is no industrial sugar or additives in our products, they are always 100% plant-based and sustainability is deeply rooted in us.

Yours Caro & Tim

Support our start-up with your purchase!

At 3Bears you get premium products from people for people. Caroline and Tim, a German-British couple, founded 3Bears in 2016. There are now just over 20 enthusiastic people working in our office in Munich and doing everything they can to ensure that you can enjoy great Oats products every day.

We are making a difference.

For our environment. For all of us.

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