Aktiv LebenVeganuary - so geht's vegan ins neue Jahr

Veganuary - This is how to start the new year vegan

Have you ever thought about taking part in the Veganuary Challenge? But maybe you don't really know how to get started. Here we have summarised for you what it is about, why it is worth taking par...

Aktiv LebenWarum ist 3Bears Porridge das perfekte Frühstück?

Why is 3Bears Porridge the perfect breakfast?

Porridge can be prepared warm or cold, and in just 3 minutes you can have the perfect breakfast ready. What's so great about our 3Bears Porridge? We'll tell you!

3Bears FreundeEin Märchen wird wahr: 3Bears bei der Porridge Weltmeisterschaft in Schottland

A fairy tale comes true: 3Bears at the Porridge World Championships in Scotland

An event that we bears will never forget! A world championship dedicated to porridge has always been our dream and now the fairy tale has come true. We’ll take you on our magical journey to Scotland.

Aktiv LebenWhat do Olympic athletes eat?

What do Olympic Athletes Eat?

People around the globe watch Olympic athletes perform super-human feats of strength, agility and coordination. Where do they get all that energy? Food is an important part in an athlete's life so ...