Happy World Porridge Day

Happy World Porridge Day

Time to celebrate! On October 10th we celebrate World Porridge Day!

We want to celebrate together with you and celebrate World Porridge Day to the fullest. Before we put on the party hats, there's a bit of background about World Porridge Day.

What is World Porridge Day?

For all porridge fans, World Porridge Day sounds like the most beautiful day in the world! And that's what he is. But for reasons that go far beyond a food holiday. World Porridge Day was created by Mary's Meals to raise funds for hungry kids. Mary's Meals is a charity based in Argyll, Scotland, that raises funds to help hungry children in developing countries around the world. The main goal is to provide a daily meal in educational institutions so that children can go to school and receive an education without hunger. This gives them a chance to get out of poverty. Mary's Meals now serves more than 2 million children in 19 countries around the world every school day.

World Porridge Day 2021

Why porridge?

After a delicious bowl of porridge for breakfast, we feel full of energy and ready for the day. Because the oat heroes provide us with important nutrients, keep us full for a long time and are also easy to prepare. A bowl of porridge in the morning can give kids the energy they need to get through a long walk to school and satisfy their hunger. This allows them to concentrate on lessons and receive a better education in the long term.

Mary's Meals World Porridge Day

How can we help?

At 3Bears, we make it our mission to raise awareness of World Porridge Day and Mary's Meals and support their mission. And you can do that too.

In order to help children in famine, it is important to pay more attention to the issue. We can do this by engaging more with the topic and supporting the work of Mary's Meals, for example.

Further information about Mary's Meals and information on how you can support and donate can be found here: https://www.marysmeals.de/

What do we do at 3Bears?

We think it's great that Marry's Meals supports the kids so much. That's why we donate 1 euro to Mary's Meals eV for every bestseller set and every Advent calendar sold in our World Porridge Week 💛

Happy World Porridge Day donation

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