Overnight Oats

Black Forest cherry overnight oats with porridge oil cherry stone

Schwarzwälderkirsch Overnight Oats mit Porridge-Öl Kirschkern

Do you like Black Forest cake? Then you will love our porridge oil! Topped with a few drops of cherry seed oil, your overnight oats are incredibly close to the classic. And the whole thing is completely sugar-free and, as always, vegan. This recipe is also quite an eye-catcher. This will help you get one or two likes from your friends. Our Koko Cocoa Overnight Oats and coconut yogurt give your breakfast a tropical touch. Just so cherry, cherry tasty!


1 tsp porridge oil - cherry stone
50 g Cocoa Cocoa Overnight Oats
100 ml plant drink
100 g sweet cherries
150 g coconut yoghurt
optional: 1 tsp maple syrup
1 teaspoon grated 100% chocolate


Pour the overnight oats into a glass. Add plant drink and cherry stone porridge oil and stir everything with a spoon. Put aside. Halve the cherries, pit them and put them in the glass. Optionally, sweeten the coconut yogurt with maple syrup and spread it over the cherries. Spread chocolate shavings over it and close the jar. Refrigerate the overnight oats for a few hours, preferably overnight.

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