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Get our overnight oats now before anyone else!

It couldn't be easier: fill 3Bears Overnight Oats with (plant-based) drink, milk, yogurt or quark in a glass and let it soak overnight.


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01_OO-Edle-Erdbeere_Hauptbild_7000409 #size_400g lifestyle
Overnight oats – noble strawberry
Sale priceFrom €6,99 (€1,75/100g)
01_OO-Goldene-Mango_Hauptbild_7000410 #size_400g lifestyle
Overnight Oats – Golden Mango
Sale priceFrom €6,99 (€1,75/100g)
01_OO-Koko-Kakao_Hauptbild_7000411 #size_400g lifestyle
Overnight oats – coconut cocoa
Sale priceFrom €6,99 (€1,75/100g)
Overnight oats set lifestyle
Overnight oats set
Sale price€33,49 (€1,67/100g)
01_OO-Glas-schwarz_Hauptbild_8000048 #Ausführung Glas_1 glas - standard karton lifestyle
Overnight oats jar
Sale priceFrom €8,99
Chocolate nut set lifestyle
Chocolate nut set
Sale price€33,49