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Classic Porridge

No added sugar, with lots of fruit
and a hearty bite – our porridge supplies
you with everything you need for your
everyday life.


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Porridge classic set Porridge classic set
Porridge classic set
Sale price€32,99 (€1,18/100g)
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01_Feiner-Kakao_Hauptbild_7000124 #size_400g Porridge – Fine cocoa
Porridge – Fine cocoa
Sale priceFrom €5,49 Regular price€5,99 (€1,37/100g)
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01_Zimtiger-Apfel_Hauptbild_7000003 #size_400g Porridge – cinnamon apple
Porridge – cinnamon apple
Sale priceFrom €5,49 Regular price€5,99 (€1,37/100g)
01_Mohnige-Banane_Hauptbild_7000002 #size_400g Porridge – poppy banana
Porridge – poppy banana
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01_Dreierlei-Beere_Hauptbild_7000074 #size_400g top
Porridge – Three kinds of berries
Sale priceFrom €5,99 (€1,50/100g)
01_Fruchtige-Kokosnuss_Hauptbild_7000412 #size_400g Porridge – Fruity coconut
Porridge – Fruity coconut
Sale priceFrom €5,99 (€1,50/100g)
01_Kerniger-Klassiker_Hauptbild_7000001 #size_400g Porridge – a hearty classic
Porridge – a hearty classic
Sale priceFrom €3,99 (€1,00/100g)
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Porridge – Exotic fruits
Sale priceFrom €5,99 (€1,50/100g)

Welcome to the world of 3Bears Porridge: your invitation to the ultimate breakfast treat

Porridge is more than just a breakfast - it is a tradition that combines a balanced lifestyle and enjoyment. At 3Bears we have perfected the art of porridge crafting and offer you unique varieties that transform your breakfast into a feast for the senses. Discover why our porridge is so special and how it takes your breakfast experience to a new level.

What is porridge?

Porridge is a warm grain dish made from oatmeal and liquid (such as milk or water). This simple preparation transforms oatmeal into a creamy, filling breakfast that is a perfect base for creative flavor variations. You can customize it with a variety of toppings, such as fresh fruit, nuts or honey.

Why should you eat porridge?

  1. Health Benefits:Porridge is an excellent source of fiber, protein and important nutrients. It promotes a long-lasting feeling of fullness and stabilizes blood sugar levels, which helps you start the day with energy.
  2. Customizability:Porridge is extremely versatile. You can design it according to your taste and adapt it to your individual preferences.
  3. Fast and easy:Porridge only takes a few minutes to prepare and is therefore perfect for hectic everyday life.

Why are 3Bears porridge varieties so special?

  1. Unique varieties:Our porridge varieties are unique and have been carefully developed to offer a first-class taste experience. From fruity variations to creamy-sweet options, you'll find a wide range of incomparable flavors.
  2. Made in Germany:Our porridge varieties are manufactured and selected with the greatest care in Germany to ensure the highest quality.
  3. Without industrial sugar:We completely avoid industrial sugar in our porridge varieties and rely on the natural sweetness of fruit.
  4. 100% vegan:Our porridge varieties are 100% vegan, making them suitable for a wide range of dietary preferences.
  5. Especially lots of fruit:We love fruit and that's why you'll find particularly generous pieces of fruit in our porridge varieties, which give your breakfast a refreshing touch.

A full breakfast is the key to a successful day. Let 3Bears Porridge become your daily ritual and enjoy a breakfast that not only tastes good, but is also good for you. Your morning has never been so delicious and nutritious at the same time. Order today and start the day with a smile!