The Ultimate Bowl Guide

Der ultimative Bowl Guide

Are you scrolling through your feed and seeing one yummy bowl after another? If you try it yourself in the kitchen, it just won't work? Then you are exactly right here. With our latest guide, it's easy to create the ultimate breakfast bowl. You'll see: once you get the hang of it, it's hard to imagine starting the day any other way. For the perfect bowl you need a pretty bowl, the right base and various toppings. Of course, the nut butter drizzle is a must. Aside from the fact that bowls look sooo nice, they also taste really good and are the perfect power breakfast. Let's go!

#1 The base

First you have to choose the base of your bowl: porridge, smoothie or overnight oats – what would you like today? We always vary things depending on your mood. Just like the porridge variety itself. With our seven originals in the cupboard, your breakfast will definitely never be boring.

Porridge Bowl: You know it: with us, nothing beats a bowl full of really good porridge. And with our super yummy varieties you can conjure up the perfect base for your bowl in no time. 1, 2, 3 – no more steps are necessary. Put 50 g of your favorite 3Bears variety and 150 ml of liquid (e.g. water or plant drink - whichever you like best) in a pot. Now bring the oat mixture to the boil briefly and let it thicken for about three minutes over low heat, stirring occasionally. That's it! Put your porridge in a bowl and let it steep briefly. For more preparation tips, take a look here .

Overnight Oats Bowl: You just have to take your overnight oats out of the fridge in the morning and you can eat them almost straight away. Ok, good - porridge can also be prepared in 3 minutes - but in the morning every minute counts, right? Just pour it into your favorite bowl, add toppings and you're done. For the basic recipe, mix 50 g of our porridge varieties with 100 ml of liquid the evening before. Your fridge will do the rest overnight. More information about overnight oats can be found here .

Smoothie Bowl: We love these, along with overnight oats, especially on hot summer days. Almost like a smoothie you can eat with a spoon. It's super nutritious and lets you start the day with an extra portion of vitamins. For this version, blend frozen fruit of your choice as the basis for your vitamin-packed bowl. Our favorite: peel ripe bananas, break them into pieces and freeze them in a freezer bag. Then add some liquid (e.g. oat drink, coconut water, juice) to the high-performance blender. A rule of thumb is about 1 cup frozen fruit to ½ cup liquid. For an extra portion of fiber, mix 1-2 tablespoons of porridge into your smoothie base. The whole thing works great with a pestle, which is often included with good high-speed blenders. For the health foodies among you: You can also add superfood powder such as spirulina, chaga or ashwaganda or even a little green leafy vegetables such as kale or spinach. Superpowers here we come!

#2 Spoiled for bowl choice

As we all know, the eye eats with us. Therefore, choosing the right bowl is extremely important. Here we have some variants for you that we think are good.

Our porridge bowl is not only timeless, but also extremely practical! The guidelines show you how much porridge and liquid you need - without any measuring cups etc. This means that nothing stands in the way of the perfect breakfast bowl. With our lover's set you are well equipped.

Want that Bali feeling? Then get a coconut bowl. At breakfast you almost get the feeling of spooning the brekkie under palm trees. They are also a sustainable alternative to other tropical woods or plastic bowls.

We are also big fans of the Motel a Miio cereal bowls. One prettier than the other. We particularly like the Cordoama bowl with its clear lines. Take a look Head over here for inspo .

#3 Tip top toppings

You're almost there. Now all you have to do is decide on toppings. Normally “less is more”. But when it comes to really nice bowls, that doesn't count. Toppings are real eye-catchers and also nutritious. Here we have put together a list of our favorites for you.

Fresh fruits: Here we like to use whatever is in season. It also looks cool to cut the fruit - for example a banana - into slices and then cut it out with a star cutter.

Dried fruits/berries: These taste nice and sweet and give your bowl a nice splash of color. We like dates, goji berries and mulberries.

Cocoa nibs or dark chopped chocolate: where are the chocolate lovers? Here we make sure that there is no added sugar, that they come from organic farming and have the Fairtrade seal.

Puffed grain: Our favorites are amaranth, buckwheat or spelled - they taste really nutty.

Granola: Here we like homemade things best . Granolas from the store often contain tons of processed sugar.

Coconut yoghurt, vegetable quark and the like: They make your bowl extra creamy. Yogurt and the like are fermented and therefore contain probiotic microorganisms. They promote intestinal well-being and are good for the immune system.

Berry compote: To do this, simply heat a cup of frozen berries in a saucepan over medium heat, stirring constantly. The compote is ready after a few minutes. If you like, you can add a teaspoon of maple syrup. Yummy and lots of antioxidants.

Coconut flakes: These make your bowl look completely tropical. Pure holiday vibes!

Seeds: These are real superfoods that are full of important nutrients. It is best to use them in their natural form. Hemp, linseed and chia are also great sources of the all-important omega fatty acids.

Nuts: They contain many polyunsaturated fatty acids, as well as magnesium, vitamin B and other important vitamins. They're delicious too. Bring it on!

Spices: They are anti-inflammatory and stimulate metabolism. Plus, they taste absolutely delicious. Our favorites are cinnamon, cardamom and turmeric.

Edible flowers: Want the perfect bowl for the gram? Flowers don't just look beautiful in a vase. There are many flowers that are also edible. Our favorites are pansies, rose petals and marigolds or cornflowers.

Last but not least on the topic of toppings: We like to combine these with our originals !

Fine cocoa: mango, cocoa nibs, chia seeds, hazelnut butter, hemp seeds (hueled)

Cinnamon apple: apple, pear, almond butter, walnuts, sunflower seeds, natural yogurt

Exotic fruits: kiwi, mango, coconut flakes, chia seeds, dried apricots, cashew butter

Three kinds of berries: almond butter, hemp seeds, berries, natural yogurt, almonds, puffed amaranth

Poppy banana: peanut butter, banana, blueberries, dates, pumpkin seeds, coconut flakes

Crunchy classic: sliced ​​apple, pomegranate, chopped nuts, berries, sultanas, pumpkin seeds

#4 It's drizzle time

The crowning conclusion: Nothing is more fun than drizzling maple syrup, nut butter, etc. over the bowl at the end. We love the organic nut butter from Naughty Nuts . Totally delicious and no frills. The extraordinary naughty recipes make your bowl perfect, believe us!

#5 Picture o'clock

Now is the perfect time to take a quick pic. But really fast! Because the tastiest bowl is waiting to be spooned up by you. And you shouldn't waste time there. We also prefer to enjoy our breakfast bowls consciously. That's why we put the cell phone away after the snapshot. We can bring a little peace into our otherwise often stressful everyday lives, especially when we eat.

Welcome to the club of bowl professionals. If you put together cool creations with our guide, tag us at @3bearsporridge! We look forward to seeing your dream bowls.

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