The quick pick-me-up - oat muesli bar with poppy banana

selbst gemachte Müsliriegel mit Honig und Frucht

Whether as a pick-me-up for on the go or for when you're a bit hungry, these muesli bars are wholesome and, above all, delicious! With this recipe you can easily conjure up the ideal bar yourself from hearty oat flakes, refreshing fruits and good honey. A completely natural muesli bar without industrial sugar with delicious 3Bears porridge . It's so easy to do something good for yourself:   

Preparation time: approx. 20 minutes |

Baking time: approx. 1 hour 


For 12 muesli bars:
  • 400g 3Bears Porridge Poppy Banana
  • 20g raspberries , dried 
  • 20g strawberries , dried 
  • 8 apricots, dried 
  • 1 banana 
  • 12 0g bee honey 
  • 1 tsp cinnamon, ground 


1. Preheat the oven (top/bottom heat: 135 °C/fan oven: 110 °C). Roughly chop freeze-dried berries and apricots . Mix the porridge, berries , apricots and cranberries in a bowl . 
2. Peel and roughly dice the banana. Finely puree the banana , honey and cinnamon in a tall vessel and mix with the porridge mixture. 
3. Spread the mixture on a baking tray lined with baking paper and shape into a square measuring approx. 22 x 22 cm . Bake in the oven for about 40 minutes , cut the mixture into 10 bars and bake for about 20 more minutes . Then let it cool down properly. Then your homemade muesli bars are just right.
Tip: For an aromatic twist, simply add some Baharat (Arabic spice mix ) . This gives your bars some oriental flair and spiciness. 

Show us your 3Bears muesli bars in action #3Bearsporridge #just right

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Petra Ranzenberger

Wie lange halten sich die selbstgemachten hafermüsliriegel und wie werden sie gelagert ?
Besten Dank im voraus


>>>>>> L E C K E R R R R <<<<<< ! ! ! ! !

Jung Petra

Super Produkt und endlich ohne Zucker und Zusatzstoffe,so kann man gut in den Tag starten.Kann ich nur empfehlen.

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