Our best ingredients

Our ingredients are the heart of our porridge. That's why we work closely with partners from all over Germany and source our whole grain oat flakes from a traditional mill in the Black Forest. Our oat flakes not only provide an incomparably crunchy bite and great nutrients, but also the special magic in our 3Bears Porridge. Oats are often referred to as a true "superfood" thanks to their content of protein, fiber and much more.

The oatmeal trend: superfood and breakfast classic

Some people call oatmeal a real “superfood” because it naturally contains little sugar and fat, but at the same time is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and provides the body with many minerals such as magnesium and iron. In short: oat flakes are low-sugar, low-fat and provide complex carbohydrates, vegetable protein and fiber without being heavy on the stomach. They are a real source of energy and are suitable for anyone who wants to eat a balanced diet - for a strong start to the day. By the way: Each 3Bears porridge variety contains less than 200 kcal (if prepared with water) and will keep you full for hours!

To ensure that as many nutrients as possible are retained from the oats, at 3Bears we only use different whole grain oat flakes. Here the whole grain is used to produce flakes - the result: whole grain oat flakes that are rich in fiber, complex carbohydrates and vegetable protein - just right, in our opinion.

Where do 3Bears oatmeal come from?

While looking for the right quality flake for your porridge vision, our founders Caroline and Tim found what they were looking for in the Black Forest. We get our oat flakes from the Rubinmühle in the idyllic south of Germany, which has been in the family since the 17th century. In the beautiful Black Forest, the Rubin family has been working for many generations to ensure that great quality flakes end up in the cereal bowl. There the oats are gently cleaned, kilned (dried) and rolled until the oat grain becomes delicious oat flakes.

The special thing: here they take time for all the important steps in oatmeal production and pay attention to the highest quality. The wonderfully nutty aroma and the incomparably crunchy bite give this oat flake its character and are the perfect basis for our porridge. The two of them regularly see for themselves the outstanding quality and maintain very close, personal contact with the Rubin family.

“Oatmeal used to be a staple and an important part of the diet. Today they are experiencing a renaissance as a food trend.” – Christopher Rubin (Managing Director of Rubinmühle)

Find out more about our founding couple Caroline and Tim here.

Our dried fruits: Without sulfur and sugar

We promise you vegan, delicious and wholesome breakfast enjoyment without a guilty conscience or industrial sugar. How it works? With lots of fruit!

Our porridge varieties taste like a wonderful orchard. Coconut, apricots, figs, dates, apple cinnamon or poppy seeds and banana – discover your favorite type of porridge in our SHOP . By the way: Each 3Bears porridge variety contains less than 200 kcal (if prepared with water) and will keep you full for hours!

3Bears Porridge contains the highest fruit content on the market with at least 30% (for fruit varieties). With large pieces of dried fruit - without any sulfur! – ensures a special bite and a fabulously delicious taste. So you can feast worry-free. In addition, our fruits contain no additives and no added sugar. 3Bears Porridge only contains the natural sweetness of fruit and is therefore the ideal breakfast for families, athletes, business people, students - simply anyone who wants to eat consciously!

We source the majority of our dried fruits from Europe and the Mediterranean region, where they have always been grown and thrive best - just right for our fabulous porridge!