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Our start-up story

3Bears is Caroline and Tim's Munich start-up. The two are experts when it comes to porridge and were enchanted by the warm oat meal during their time in England. They are convinced that there should be a lot more delicious and healthy food on the breakfast table! Now they want to serve the German breakfast market with their natural porridge. It is exactly the right mix of large pieces of fruit and wholesome oat flakes for a crunchy bite and an extraordinary taste experience - truly without added sugar or other additives. The dry mixtures only need to be mixed and heated.
The name 3Bears is based on an English fairy tale in which the girl Goldilocks discovers porridge in a bear hut that tastes just right. It is also 3Bears' goal to create just the right porridge!

For press and interview inquiries, please contact the following address: press@3bears.de

Our 3Bears hearty classic nominated for the “Golden Cream Puff 2023” from foodwatch

To be honest, the nomination/candidacy surprised us a lot and makes us sad. As a small German family business, we have been trying to do the right thing every day for 7 years now. For all consumers out there. Precisely because we as a founding couple were so disappointed by the unhealthy food on our supermarket shelves, we founded 3Bears in 2016. And since then we have been bringing innovative and high-quality oatmeal products onto the market.

It is precisely because we appreciate the work of foodwatch and are extremely far from deceiving consumers that we are so shocked about the nomination. Foodwatch has been exposing very bad food and important things in the food industry in recent years. The more shocking and incomprehensible it is for us to be on the list. Where we produce high-quality food, made in Germany , with A & B Nutriscore . And educate people about healthy eating. My husband Tim and I quit our jobs and started a food company to follow our vision: “to improve the way we eat with the power of oats.”

Here you can find the entire statement from 3Bears on the candidacy for the “Golden Cream Puff” from foodwatch with our hearty classic. For press and interview inquiries, please contact the following address: press@3bears.de

Sustainability is important to us

Since founding 3Bears, it has always been important to us to build a company that does good through its activities and activities. We are therefore particularly proud of our B-Corp certification. Since 2006, the B Corp certificate has been awarded by the non-profit business network B Lab to companies worldwide that achieve a particular impact through their social and ecological commitment. Around 5,000 companies in around 70 countries have now been awarded the label. We were particularly convincing in the “Governance” and “Workers” test categories. With a total score of 89.1 points, we achieved significantly more than the required 80 points.

“We have focused particularly on our internal processes and our team to ensure that we are the best possible employers,” said Tim Nichols, CO-Founder of 3Bears GmbH.

The inspection by B Lab takes place annually, which gives the B Corp certification a special level of quality.

For press and interview inquiries, please contact the following address: press@3bears.de

3Bears statement on the Öko-Test rating

In July 2019, the magazine “Öko-Test” reported on a test of our Dreierlei Berry product and rated it as unsatisfactory.

We at 3Bears do not agree with the Öko-Test interpretation of the test results and the resulting grading and assure our customers and partners that 3Bears Dreierlei Berry, as well as every other 3Bears Porridge, is a high-quality product in terms of quality and taste and is absolutely flawless in terms of food law. Providing all relevant information to our customers is one of our most important concerns, and we would like to provide full transparency here. At 3Bears we are committed to offering delicious and natural food. The ingredients of all 3Bears products are subject to strict quality controls and comply with applicable legal and health-related requirements.

In the test mentioned above, traces of pesticides were detected, but in such small amounts that this is not considered pesticide contamination according to European legal guidelines and does not pose any health risk. All values ​​determined in this sample are well below the legally specified limits. In accordance with the recommendations of the Federal Office for Risk Assessment (BfR), the MOSH values ​​(=saturated mineral oil hydrocarbons) determined are well below the recommended limit values. The mineral oil fraction MOAH (= aromatic mineral oil hydrocarbons), which is actually critical to health, was not detected in 3Bears products. 3Bears Porridge can therefore be enjoyed daily by adults and children without hesitation

Further information about our Ökotest statement can be found here .