A healthy intestinal flora is so important

So wichtig ist eine gesunde Darmflora

The fact is that intestinal flora has a huge impact on both physical and mental health. The intestinal bacteria living in us not only control our immune system, but also our emotions. The unhindered supply of nutrients and oxygen to the cells as well as the removal of toxins are also influenced by this. The better this process works, the healthier the person is.

Below, Tatjana Bittner ( @tatjanabittner ) , training manager in the health sector, shows how the best conditions for a healthy intestine can be created.

Slagging of the intestines and hyperacidity

Our modern lifestyle brings environmental influences into our organism. Environmental influences such as fine dust, pests and trace substances in drinking water put a strain on the body. We used to get our food from farms - today the majority comes from discounters, whose food has been treated with chemical preservatives. In addition, there is often regular alcohol consumption, smoking and other stimulants. Over years and decades, these influences waste away our intestines.

In addition, everyday stress is often underestimated. We rush from one event to the next and are flooded with push notifications. Anger, lack of sleep, insults and worries increase the negative influence on the organism. Stress leads to an increased release of stress hormones and can therefore cause acidification in the body.

Strong medications also have an impact on our organism. The list of side effects of painkillers etc. is long. Strong medications such as antibiotics have a negative effect on our intestinal flora. If the word “antibiotics” is translated from Latin, it means “against life” (Latin “anti” = “against”, Greek “bios” = “life”). Antibiotics kill bacteria, including the good and necessary bacteria in our intestinal flora.

In summary, we can say: Our body's own self-healing powers are often no longer able to cope with the mass of slags, toxins, fats and acids. That's why the body needs support so that our nutrients from the chyme can be absorbed well, the metabolism functions smoothly and the intestinal flora is intact.

Structure of the intestinal flora

Now the question arises as to what you can do to get or maintain a healthy intestine. The focus here is on two elements: probiotics and prebiotics.

Probiotic foods contain living microorganisms (e.g. lactic acid bacteria) that have a health-promoting effect on the human organism, especially on the intestines. The word “probiotics” means “for life”. Probiotic foods include sauerkraut, kefir or yoghurt. The rule of thumb is: After 1 day of taking antibiotics, probiotics should be taken for 10 days.

Prebiotics are foods that contain soluble fiber. They have a positive effect on the intestines by feeding the good intestinal bacteria and promoting their growth. At the same time, they reduce the colonization of potentially harmful bacterial species. Prebiotic foods include inulin-rich vegetables, fruits and grains such as chicory, artichokes, bananas and oats. Psyllium and linseed are also prebiotic foods.

With a good gut feeling, everything you tackle will be much easier. Our Prebiotic Porridge contains the prebiotic ingredients inulin, psyllium husk and linseed and thus supports your digestion. The absolute secret weapon for your stomach from the inside out.

6 facts about the intestines that almost no one knows:

  • The intestine has its own nervous system
  • It has been proven that after avoiding certain food groups for a long time, the craving for them decreases
  • Over 70% of the immune system is located in the intestines
  • The gut can influence emotions and feelings
  • The stomach growling comes from the process of cleansing the small intestine
  • The intestine has no teeth. Digestion begins in the mouth, so always chew thoroughly! ;)

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