Granola - healthy or a sugar trap? This is how you recognize the differences

Granola - Gesund oder Zuckerfalle? So erkennst du die Unterschiede

Granola has become a popular breakfast trend in recent years. Many people swear by its crispy texture and delicious taste. But while granola can certainly be nutritious, there are also many commercial versions that can become sugar traps. Here we will take a closer look at granola, highlight the healthy aspects and show you how you can avoid sugar traps.  


What is granola and why is it popular?  

Granola is a mixture of oat flakes, nuts, seeds, dried fruits and often honey or maple syrup. These ingredients are baked to create a crispy texture. Granola is often promoted as a healthy breakfast or snack because it contains fiber, protein and healthy fats. It can be a great option to energize for the day and also just enjoy your breakfast. You can snack on it called granola or crunchy muesli on its own or with milk, plant-based drink or yoghurt. Granola is also a perfect topping on porridge or overnight oats !  


Beware of sugar traps: Why you should look closely  

  1. Added sugar: Many ready-made supermarket granola varieties contain significant amounts of added sugar to improve the taste. Sugar is also a cheap ingredient - for example, it is much cheaper than sweetening with real fruit. Many crunchy mueslis also contain chocolate pieces - which is anything but a complete breakfast alternative.
  2. Oat or grain content: There are ready-made crunchy mueslis that even contain more chocolate and sugar than the grain itself. Make sure there is a high proportion of oats etc.!
  3. Saturated fats: Some types of granola can also be high in saturated fats, especially if they are made with palm oil. These fats are less healthy and are often not sustainable to grow.
  4. Serving Size: It's easy to eat more granola than you intend because it's often very high in calories. Portion control is crucial


            This is how you recognize healthy granola:  

            1. **Sugar: Pay attention to the sugar content. Healthy granola should not contain excessive added sugar. It's okay if it contains sweet ingredients like dried fruits or a hint of honey, but the main ingredients shouldn't be overloaded with sugar. 
            2. Fiber and Protein: Healthy granola should provide fiber and protein from oatmeal, nuts and seeds. These ingredients ensure a lasting feeling of satiety and stable energy. 
            3. Healthy fats: Pay attention to the fat content, especially that the proportion of saturated fatty acids is lower than the other way around. 
            4. Natural Ingredients: Healthy granola should be made from natural ingredients, without artificial flavors or preservatives. 


            Homemade Granola: The Best Control ?  

            The safest way to enjoy healthy granola and avoid sugar traps is to make your own granola at home. This means you can control the ingredients precisely and adapt them to your own preferences. 

            But there are also ready-made granola mixes that impress with their short and clear list of ingredients and their nutritional values. Feel free to take a look at the ingredients of our 3Bears Granolas and the nutritional values ​​yourself and try it out. In our mixtures you will find a lot of whole grain oats, the sweetness of date juice concentrate, sunflower oil for crunch (and lots of unsaturated fatty acids) and delicious ingredients such as puffed quinoa and amaranth. 


            Conclusion: Make the right choice  

            Granola can be a healthy and delicious addition to your diet as long as you make the right choice. Pay attention to the sugar content, types of fat and the quality of the ingredients.

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