Bircher Protein Overnight Oats

Bircher Protein Overnight Oats

Our recipe for Bircher Protein Overnight Oats has a lot of power and gives you lots of energy and valuable nutrients. Perfect for a hard workout, the next bike ride or when you're heading up the mountain - you name it! Our hearty Bircher Porridge is already full of valuable nutrients. The oatmeal is rich in carbohydrates and the nuts provide you with healthy fats. All that's missing for a balanced athlete's meal is a good source of protein. That's why we use Skyr in our Bircher Protein Overnight Oats. With around 11 grams of protein per 100 g and a very low fat content, Skyr is a great source of protein. Perfect for athletes and fitness junkies!

Bircher Protein Overnight Oats Recipe


100 g 3Bears Wild Bowls Hearty Bircher
200 ml 3Bears organic oat drink
50g skyr
1 apple

100g Skyr
1 apple
hazelnut kernels


For the Bircher Overnight Oats, mix the 3Bears Kerniges Bircher mixture with oat drink. Grate an apple and mix it into the overnight oats along with the skyr. Let the overnight oats soak in the refrigerator overnight (or approx. 6 hours).

The next morning the overnight oats are nice and creamy. Stir everything well again and then divide it into two glasses. Cut the apple into small pieces for the toppings and briefly roast the hazelnuts in a pan - this will make the taste even more intense. Serve the glasses with Skyr, apple pieces and roasted hazelnuts.

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