Topping ideas for your power breakfast

Topping-Ideen für dein Power-Frühstück

100% function, 100% taste. The special thing about our power porridges are their functional ingredients: vitamins, proteins and prebiotic ingredients are combined in such a way that your body can get the most out of them. Of course, our Next Level Porridges also taste incredibly delicious. For even more variety, here are some topping ideas for your power breakfast. The toppings are also a good way to get even more vitamins, minerals or fiber into your breakfast.

Our favorite porridge toppings

  • Nuts and seeds : Available all year round, nuts and seeds provide you with good fats, vitamins and trace elements. At the same time they give a delicious crunch. So how about walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, blue poppy seeds or hemp seeds? For an even more intense flavor, it is worth roasting the nuts in a pan without fat beforehand. Would you like a change? Try caramelized nuts: Simply caramelize the nuts of your choice with a little water and coconut blossom sugar in a pan. 
  • Nut butter: These actually belong to the “nuts and seeds” category, but we love them so much that they definitely deserve a special mention. Whether peanut, cashew, hazelnut, almond or pistachio butter – we love them all. When buying, make sure that it does not contain any added sugar.
  • Granola and puffed cereal: If you like crunchy toppings, you should definitely try granola. Puffed grains such as quinoa, amaranth, spelled or rice are also a great, nutritious addition. 
  • Yoghurt and Co.: (Vegetable) yoghurt or Skyr add extra creaminess and also increase the protein content of your meal.
  • Fruit compote: Depending on the season, various (homemade) fruit compotes are also a super delicious topping on your porridge. For example, we absolutely love rhubarb, apple, plum or plum compote. 
  • Fresh fruit: Of course the ultimate vitamin kick! Pineapple, apple, banana, pear, kiwi, mango, orange, peach or grapes - the list is endless. As a delicious change, some types of fruit can also be fried in a little coconut oil. Apples, bananas, peaches and plums, among others, are very suitable for this. Alternatively, dried fruit also tastes delicious. We love goji berries, dates and mulberries.
  • Berries: Whether fresh, frozen (provide a great hot-cold effect on warm porridge) or hot (hot-love vibes).
  • Chocolate: Balance is the key, right? That's why it's nice to have a piece of chocolate every now and then. Chocolate melts on warm porridge within a few seconds – yummy! Cocoa nibs are very good as a healthier alternative.

Power porridges as overnight oats

Would you like even more variety? Be sure to try our power porridges in the cold version as overnight oats. Just 50 for thatg porridge with 100Mix ml (vegetable) milk and leave to infuse overnight in the refrigerator. Enjoy the next morning with toppings of your choice. It couldn't be easier!

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