Summery oat pasta salad

Sommerlicher Hafer Nudelsalat

If you're one of those people who especially like the side dishes when grilling, we have the perfect recipe for you here. Especially if you don't feel like falling into a food coma that lasts for hours after eating. Our new oat pasta pumpkin will keep you full for a long time without being heavy in your stomach. And we think it tastes really good, especially as a summer pasta salad. You can also bring even more color and new flavors into your pasta game. Additives are left out – just like real pasta alla mamma should be. The next barbecue party can come: bellissima!

Summery oat pasta salad


250g oat pasta pumpkin
2 handfuls of arugula
2 tbsp dried tomatoes (pickled in oil)
60g olives (without stone)
150g small tomatoes
30g pine nuts
140g cooked chickpeas
1 tbsp olive oil
2 tsp paprika spice salt
optional: 70g vegan herder cheese alternative

For the dressing:
4 tbsp olive oil
2-3 tablespoons light or dark balsamic vinegar
½ tbsp medium hot mustard
1/2 tbsp lemon juice (freshly squeezed)
1 tsp maple syrup
salt and pepper


Prepare the oat pasta according to the package instructions and let it cool.
Wash arugula and cut into small pieces as needed. Chop dried tomatoes, fresh tomatoes and olives into small pieces. Then put it in a large salad bowl together with the pasta.
Mix the chickpeas with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and paprika spice. Roast in the oven or air fryer at 180°C for about 10 minutes. Then add it to the salad.
Roast the pine nuts in a pan without oil and add them to the salad.
Dice the shepherd's cheese alternative into small cubes and add to the salad.
Mix the ingredients for the dressing together, season with salt and pepper and stir into the salad.

Pasta salad with oat pasta

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