11 recipe ideas without added sugar

11 Rezeptideen ohne Zuckerzusatz

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day." Who doesn't know this saying? But a healthy and filling breakfast is often not easy to distinguish from the sugar traps on the muesli and cereal shelf. That's why we're presenting a few recipe ideas here that will guarantee you the perfect start to the day - without any added sugar!

3Bears 11 Sugar-Free Breakfast Ideas

1. Porridge without added sugar

Our favorite breakfast comes first, of course... porridge is simply fabulous! Thanks to its high amount of fiber and complex carbohydrates, the “superfood” keeps you full for a long time - perfect for long days in the office, before a hiking tour or before training. The oat flakes contain natural protein, which promotes muscle building. The nice thing about porridge is that it can be enjoyed as a vegan breakfast - simply use oat, almond or coconut milk to mix it. This makes the porridge even more digestible and wonderfully creamy.

No refined sugar is added to 3Bears Porridge . The fruity varieties get their natural sweetness from at least 30% fruit. A magically simple breakfast for every day!

Sugar-free porridge recipe

2. Overnight oats

It's even easier! Overnight oats are very practical and pleasantly refreshing, especially in the warm season. You can simply soak the oat flakes in milk overnight, put them in the fridge and hey presto - you have a delicious breakfast without added sugar the next morning. Our tip - you can layer the rich oats wonderfully with nuts, fruits, yoghurt or chia pudding. Click here for a magical overnight oats recipe from our taste magic blog.

Overnight oats recipe

3. Fruit salad with yogurt

Fruit provides the body with valuable vitamins, but above all, it also tastes heavenly delicious. Fruits that are particularly low in sugar include peaches, oranges, plums, as well as gooseberries, blueberries and strawberries. You can use this fruit to make a wonderful salad for breakfast. A little sugar-free, low-fat natural yogurt on top and voilà - the start to the day is perfect!

Sugar-free breakfast fruit

4. Eggs

Eggs are all-rounders! You can prepare them in so many different, delicious variations. Either cook as a classic breakfast egg, enjoy as scrambled or fried eggs or a new trend - poaching. Poached eggs are actually not a new invention. In Great Britain, eggs cooked without shells (similar to porridge) have always been a tradition. Only in recent years have the Germans discovered this preparation. Since the egg is only cooked for about 3 minutes, the yolk remains nice and creamy. Our tip - with some avocado and a hearty wholemeal bread, the poached egg becomes a luxury breakfast! Here Jamie Oliver shows you how to prepare poached eggs .

Poached Egg Recipe

5. Oat pancakes

Pancakes are the American breakfast classic. However, in the USA they often become a sugar and calorie bomb. Not with us! The blogger Laura ( ) created a vegan pancakes recipe with 3Bears oat flakes for us. With our Cinnamon Apple variety, the recipe becomes the perfect Sunday breakfast without added sugar.

Vegan Oat Pancakes Recipe

6. Smoothies or smoothie bowls

Smoothies are the perfect breakfast on the go. At home, simply put a few fruits, greens (e.g. cabbage or lettuce) or even oats in the blender with a little milk or juice, put them in a drinking vessel and recharge your batteries for the day on the way to work. Smoothie bowls, the smoothies you can spoon, are also a big hit at the moment. The slightly higher proportion of frozen fruit makes the smoothie firmer, so you can top it with fruits, nuts and other goodies. Springlane swear by the following smoothie bowl recipe: 1 cup of fruit to 1/2 cup of liquid (e.g. yogurt or coconut milk).

Smoothie sugar-free breakfast

7. Kaiserschmarrn

Another sugar-free recipe for Sunday brunch - this vegan Kaiserschmarrn with 3Bears Oats from blogger Katharina ( ). The recipe is quick, easy and completely in line with the clean eating trend. Some people are probably thinking - isn't Kaiserschmarrn a dessert? Not necessarily! This Kaiserschmarrn gives you the energy kick you need for breakfast. Try it out!

Vegan Kaiserschmarrn recipe

8. Avocado toast

The trendy breakfast at the moment is definitely avocado toast! Avocado is also simply the superfood par excellence. It's rich in an enzyme that promotes the breakdown of body fat, according to EatSmarter . The fruit also provides us with valuable vitamins. Avocado tastes simply fabulous on warm wholemeal bread, with lemon juice and oriental spices!

Avocado Superfood Sugar Free Breakfast

9. Banana bread

Banana bread is great to make on the weekend and then enjoy every day. Here too we have a delicious and simple recipe ready for you - the banana walnut bread from blogger Vio ( thesunshineeatery ). Chia seeds, bananas and dates make the vegan treat with our poppy banana variety a super breakfast! A tip - a dollop of yoghurt adds that little something extra!

Vegan banana bread recipe

10. Proats

Protein + Oats = Proats. The new breakfast trend for active people. Proats is actually nothing more than porridge with an extra protein booster, namely quark. For this protein bomb you simply have to cook the oat flakes with water or milk and then fold in the low-fat quark. Here is a recipe for you. This will give you plenty of power for your next training session!

Proats recipe

11. Miso soup

I'm sorry, what?! Soup for breakfast? For the Japanese this is self-evident. And why not? The numbers speak for a soup breakfast. People in Japan have a life expectancy of 83 years! The traditional miso soup is based on a vegetable or chicken broth with miso (soy paste). Add tofu and vegetables, then the whole thing is cooked for just 4 minutes. A quick and healthy breakfast that you can easily prepare the day before. You can find the exact recipe here .

Miso soup recipe breakfast

Have fun eating breakfast and discovering! 🐻🐻🐻

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