The miracle of oats

Das Wunder vom Hafer

We at 3Bears have long agreed that oats - especially in the form of porridge - are wonderful and that many of their benefits are almost magical. It's always nice when others notice and prove this. This also applies to this article from the Center for Health.

Did you know that oats are particularly low in gluten and at the same time significantly more nutrient-rich than all other types of grain?

Oats provide a range of nutrients such as biotin and zinc and contain more B1 and B6 than other grains. There is also a high iron and magnesium content - a must for our nutrient balance. And then oats come with good fiber and complex carbohydrates. Thanks to their structure, you stay full for longer without putting any strain on your body.

But in addition to all these miraculous powers, we must not forget the most important thing: oats also taste fantastic! Just warm as porridge and refined with naturally dried fruits or fresh toppings.

Cheers to oats!

You can find the complete article and many more wonderful details about why oats are so fabulous at:

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