Actively start the new year with porridge

Mit Porridge aktiv ins neue Jahr

The holidays are now a few days behind us, but all too often they have blessed us with more than just lots of gifts, great memories and lots of time for family and friends. But also with a hunger and appetite that can hardly be satisfied. Bloated stomach and feeling of fullness included. Somehow some people don't feel as energetic as usual and are more under the weather.

Porridge, the warm porridge made from oatmeal, can help here. Thanks to an abundance of important nutrients and fiber, porridge provides energy, keeps you full for a long time and is easy to digest - without putting any strain on the body.

And if you choose porridge with dried fruit or fresh fruit, you get an extra dose of energy that tastes fabulous. A great combination for a pleasant start to the active day.

Our favorites: Fresh blueberries, raspberries and bananas or dried figs, dates and apricots. You can find out more about these ingredients with (magic) power in our 3Bears Shop:


More about all the things porridge can do here:

Have fun with breakfast and warm greetings,

Yours, Caro

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