Cranberry porridge bowl with banana milk

Cranberry Porridge Bowl mit Bananenmilch

The tastiest kickstart to the new year – vegan breakfast without sugar. Try our recipe for this porridge bowl topped with healthy banana milk and cranberries. Our Wild Bowls – Fine Berry Porridge goes perfectly with the creamy milk made from frozen banana, cashews and dates. With their high content of vitamins C and A and plenty of antioxidants, cranberries are not considered a superfood for nothing. This is how easy it is to have a healthy breakfast.

Vegan porridge with banana milk


50g Wild Bowls – Fine Berry
150ml plant drink
1 frozen banana
100g cashews
2 dates
Dash of vanilla extract
150ml water
10g cranberries


Prepare the Wild Bowls – Fine Berry Porridge according to the instructions. Mix the frozen banana with cashews, dates, vanilla extract and water into the milk in a high-speed blender. Then pour over the porridge and sprinkle with cranberries.

Berry porridge with vegan banana milk

Berry delicious

Our Wild Bowls – Fine Berry Porridge tastes of currants, blackberries and raspberries. The currants, blackberries and raspberries are freeze-dried - so they lose none of their taste, their natural sweetness and the freshness of ripely picked berries.

But berries are not just a pretty topping for our bowls. They are also full of antioxidants, which makes them beneficial to your health. Rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytochemicals, berries are considered superfoods for good reason. The antioxidants can scavenge free radicals that can contribute to the development of cancer in the body. Berries also have a relatively low calorie density. Because they contain plenty of fiber, they keep you full for a long time and are good for digestion. So it's really worth integrating berries into your daily eating routine. Not just berry delicious, but also berry healthy.

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