Süßer Porridge

Porridge with caramel bananas

Porridge mit Karamell Bananen

Today there is a recipe for the days when you need an extra dose of energy and a wake-up call in the morning. Just for those days when getting up is particularly difficult...

We tried the great drinking chocolate from koawach - wonderfully delicious, chocolaty and fabulously suitable for porridge creations.

So here is our ultimate recipe for 2 portions of chocolaty pick-me-up porridge with caramelized bananas.

Ingredients - for - Porridge - Recipe - with - Koswach - and - 3Bears - Porridge - Hearty classic - Banana - Cocoa - Kitchen

You need this...

...for the porridge

80g 3Bears Porridge A hearty classic

1 teaspoon pure koa wax

1 tsp cacao nibs

20g dried fig pieces

360ml milk (recommended: oat milk)

...for the topping

1 tsp cacao nibs

1 tsp honey

1 tsp coconut oil

1 banana


How to do it

Mix the Kerniger Classic oatmeal mixture with pure koa wax, 1 teaspoon of cacao nibs and the fig pieces.

Porridge - 3Bears - Crunchy classic - Koswach - drinking chocolate - mixture

Add coconut milk and prepare the porridge. To do this, bring the mixture to the boil in a pot on the stove and then let the porridge thicken over low heat.

Meanwhile, halve the banana and heat the coconut oil with honey in a pan. Add the cashews to both banana halves and caramelize for a few minutes.

Caramelize bananas and cashews in coconut oil and honey

Divide the porridge between two bowls and garnish with the nuts, banana halves and the remaining cacao nibs. Flavor magic!

Delicious - 3Bears - Schuko - porridge - with - chocolate - from - koawach - and - banana - 3Bears - porridge

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