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Overnight oats with raspberries & quark

Overnight Oats Himbeeren

So fresh, so tasty! If you're craving berry power for breakfast, this summery recipe has you covered. Our Wild Bowls Fine Berry Porridge provides a real freshness kick as overnight oats. Topped with a raspberry quark layer, your breakfast will shine pink. The raspberries also provide you with fiber and vitamin C. Enjoy this brilliant play of colors and enjoy it.

Overnight oats quark raspberries


For 2 servings:

100 g Wild Bowls Porridge Fine Berry
200 ml oat drink

For the curd layers:
200g raspberries
200 g low-fat quark
2 tbsp agave syrup

For decoration:
Fresh mint


Wild Bowls Porridge Mix fine berries with oat milk and leave to soak overnight in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours as overnight oats. The next morning, divide the mixture into two glasses.

For the quark layers, stir the quark until creamy and divide into two halves. You can divide half of it over the overnight oats. For the second layer of curd, first wash the raspberries. Save a handful of raspberries for the topping. Put the rest of the raspberries in the blender with the curd and agave syrup or mash them with a fork. Spread the raspberry curd on the first curd layer and decorate with fresh raspberries, almond slivers and a little mint.

Summer overnight oats recipe

Overnight oats - the trendy breakfast for the summer

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