Annika - off to the Porridge World Championships in Scotland

Annika - auf zur Porridge Weltmeisterschaft nach Schottland

We porridge fans have been waiting for this for a long time and on Saturday, October 12, 2019 the time has come: the Golden Spurtle - World Porridge Making Championship in Scotland will be held! And our dear Annika, winner of our Golden Porridge Bowl in spring, is our representative for Germany at the Porridge World Championships in the beautiful porridge country of origin.

Last year our dear 3Bears co-founder Caroline took part in the World Championships with a Bavarian apple strudel porridge and had the whole 3Bears team with her. The bears had a great time there, you can find all the impressions here . The world championship video of the Golden Spurtle 2018 also summarizes all the emotional moments of the event. Feel free to get an idea of ​​what our Annika can expect this year.

We are very proud to have found a worthy successor to Caroline who will run for us. In May, Annika was named winner of the German preliminary round by 3Bears, the Golden Porridge Bowl , the first German porridge championship. And preparations for the freestyle in Scotland have been underway ever since. We asked her how things have been going for her since then and what recipe idea she is starting with, stay tuned.

Annika, 20 years old, lives with her family in Mauth, in the beautiful Bavarian Forest in Lower Bavaria. At the age of 18, she successfully completed her training as a pastry chef and has been working in the patisserie in a 5-star hotel since 2017. Since she often came across the term porridge in her job, she started to look into it more closely. She sees the advantages of the British dish in the fact that it tastes delicious and is also healthy and really filling. By the way, her favorite variety is 3Bears Porridge Fine Cocoa. Through 3Bears she discovered her passion for porridge and found out about the Golden Porridge Bowl and that's how her steep porridge career began.

Since winning the Golden Porridge Bowl, Annika has been feverishly looking for an innovative porridge recipe and, ironically, it came to her while she was on vacation under the palm trees while talking to her friend: an "Oktoberfest Porridge"! On Fuerteventura, it was just a “pipe dream” but straight away at home we started trying and testing things out. Since her layered overnight oats recipe "Tiramisu with a difference" has already proven to be victorious at the Golden Porridge Bowl, she is also starting with a cold porridge version this time. Arranged in small beer glasses, an innovative Oktoberfest creation is conjured up layer by layer from porridge, beer cream and beer foam crown. With a mixture of roasted almonds and beer syrup, it brings the Oktoberfest feeling to the Scottish Highlands. We give Annika all the support she needs to put the Scottish jury on the beer benches at the Oktoberfest with her culinary delights. And shh! We will reveal all the details about the recipe in the post-World Cup coverage. So soon you will be able to try the world-champion recipe.

It is a very special trip for Annika as she has never been to Scotland, the country of origin of our beloved porridge. Overall, it is her third flight in her life and she is really looking forward to the landscape, the culture, the people and the new experience of traveling abroad. Her friend and work colleague Barbara is available as moral support and will also help her with possible language barriers. Because Annika has the most respect for language. She sees time management during the competition as another challenge. Of course she hopes that she has full control of German punctuality. Laughing, she tells us that the worst thing that could happen is "if my suitcase with all the equipment isn't on the baggage carousel when I arrive." We'll just keep our fingers crossed for a smooth journey!

So, Annika's three essential things for the World Cup are packed: ingredients, spurtle and of course her dirndl! Ready to go! The competition goes into it with a lot of passion.

For us, she is already the winner of our hearts with her passion for porridge, her creative recipe ideas and her Lower Bavarian calmness. 3Bears and all 3Bears fans stand behind you! Let the spurtle circle through your porridge. Good luck!

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