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Not without oat power: 2 days of trail running hut tour

Nicht ohne Haferpower: 2 Tage Trailrunning Hüttentour

Our guest blogger Jules has been looking forward to this tour for a long time and it's finally starting: 2 days of trail running with 56km and almost 3000m of elevation. She has chosen a beautiful and challenging circular route in the Karwendel - perfect for a trail running hut tour. Oat power comes along on the tour in the form of flapjacks. Have fun reading, dear ones!

The evening before: catering baking

Flapjacks…? So what is that…? Flapjacks are typically British oatmeal bars that are creamy, crunchy and sweet at the same time. With just 5 ingredients and 35 minutes of preparation time, flapjacks are quick and easy to prepare. The recipe you can find here . Unfortunately I only had 200g of butter at home and I simply mixed a soft banana into the dough. Add 1 tablespoon of chia seeds for crunch. Wonderful. After the flapjacks cooled, I wrapped them in the previously used baking paper and stored them in the fridge overnight.


On the morning of the tour: Oat Power Loading

Before I start, I first recharge my energy. Because a tour like this cannot be done without energy. So for breakfast we have oat power in the form of overnight oats. The nice thing about overnight oats: They soak in the bowl overnight and don't sit in your stomach the next day. This means there are no problems when running. I soaked 3Bears Porridge Cinnamon Apple in Oat Milk with Almond. Plus fruit, seeds or nuts for healthy fats and carbohydrates. My choice today was roasted sunflower seeds and caramelized apple with maple syrup. Sunflower seeds are little miracles - they provide a lot of protein (19g per 100g) and magnesium (420mg per 100g) and are therefore perfect for the muscles.

Here we go: The Karwendel is waiting

From Munich it's about 100km to Hinterriss and the route over the Sylvenstein reservoir makes my eyes light up. Even though I've been to the reservoir many times, I always like to stop at the Faller Gorge Bridge and enjoy the view over the turquoise water. Shortly afterwards I arrived in Johannistal, a few minutes after Hinterriss. My trail running tour starts here.

Along the Johannisbach, you first go to the small Ahornboden, then up to the Falkenhütte (closed until the beginning of 2020) and finally down to “Die Eng”. Here I take a break and reload my oat power. The flapjacks taste fabulous.

We continue to the Lamsenjochhütte, my destination for today. The Lamsenjochhütte is spectacularly located below the Lamsenspitze and in the middle of the Karwendel Nature Park. If you're lucky, you can even spot ibexes from the hut's terrace. Unfortunately I wasn't lucky today because it was so foggy that I could only see the outline of the hut. I managed a total of 23km and 1664m today. This means we go to bed early because the longer stage is scheduled for the next day.

Let's continue: Today with a view

It's nice when the hut host comes up with the perfect breakfast. There is Bircher muesli, which is actually the original form of overnight oats. Oat power with yogurt, grated apple and hazelnuts. There's no better way to start the early day. And he starts really early. My alarm goes off at 6:30 a.m. and it starts again at 8 a.m. Today without fog, but with lots of sun.

My path first takes me through the Falzthurntal, then along the Pletzachbach up to the Plumsjochütte. While the first 13km just roll along, the climb to the hut is steep and demanding. Once at the top, I take a long break - including flapjacks and spritzer - and enjoy the view down into the Risstal. Strengthened with oat power, we continue.

Below the Satteljoch, over the Kesserboden and back down into the valley. The last of 33km take me along the Rissbach, which bubbles turquoise and fresh (yes, it's really really fresh) through the valley.

Arrived: Until next time Karwendel

It is said, “The best times always go by the quickest”. Yes, it's unbelievable but true how quickly these two days went by. The Karwendel is one of my absolute favorite regions with its quiet, uncrowded valleys and spectacular views. There are many tours that I have already done and many that are still on my list. Torscharte, Schafreiter and Reiterspitze are among the former and I can recommend them all. Now my tired legs deserve a break, which is why the bathtub is at the top of the list. Luckily I left a second bag of flapjacks in the car and arrived back in Munich without a growling stomach.

Love, Jules


About the guest author

Jules from eatrunhike.de is a trail runner, outdoor lover and foodie. As an ATRA-certified trail guide & coach, she spends a lot of time in the mountains and loves taking home-made snacks and treats with her. We somehow find the perfect combination to write for you.



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