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Breakfast with professional cyclist Jan Eric

Interview mit Radprofi Jan Eric Gründer von ma-13 Porridge Frühstück Sport Radfahren

Interview with professional cyclist Jan Eric, founder of ma-13 Porridge Breakfast Sports Cycling

Jan Eric is not only a qualified sports scientist and professional cyclist, but also the owner of the beautiful feel-good hotel MA-13.net on Mallorca, which he opened especially. We think it's fantastic how he copes with his busy everyday life and has a lot of energy and joy in everything he does. In our interview you will get an insight into Jan Eric's exciting and varied life as an emigrant. He tells us why he loves Mallorca and why an energy-rich breakfast is so important for him as an athlete.

Jan Eric's Top 5

3Bears' favorite flavor: Definitely the Fruity Coconut.

Favorite fairy tale: Hans in luck.

Life wisdom: Expect nothing and you will get everything. I usually want things as quickly as possible when they should actually come to them.

Biggest challenge: For me, it is being self-employed and overcoming any hurdles. Furthermore, life in general is challenging, but in a beautiful way.

I can't live without... Mallorca. The island is so incredibly diverse and there is a lot to discover. In addition, Menorca is very close. A much quieter island - great for relaxing!

3Bears meets professional cyclist and hotel owner Jan Eric

1. Why did you choose a career in sports and what do you enjoy most about it?

I studied sports science and initially focused on racing and performance. I also worked at sporting events and was involved in support. I am an active athlete myself because I find sport incredibly varied. I was an enthusiastic cyclist for ten years and mainly took part in six-day races.

I would like to do active sports with my guests at the hotel. The beautiful surroundings offer numerous options and offers that my guests can choose from. I deliberately chose the center of the island as a unique selling point because this offers the most options for cycling. Marketing is also one of my main tasks, but I also clean the kitchen and work in the garden. Every morning I prepare breakfast for the guests, which means I am always in personal contact with them. Due to the relatively manageable size of the hotel (six double rooms), this exchange is much more possible. It is extremely important to me that the guest feels completely comfortable.

Interview with professional cyclist Jan Eric, founder of ma-13 Porridge Breakfast

2. Tell us about your daily routine. How do you like to start your day?

In the morning I make coffee and give the guests tips and route recommendations. Then I go to the office, where I can let my creativity run wild with social media before I start processing customer inquiries. In the afternoon, guests usually come back from their tours and activities. I help them with all sorts of things, like repairing bikes.

3. Your just-right breakfast. Where, when, how?

I need good coffee, delicious fruit and, especially in summer, a porridge bowl. I prefer to enjoy it on the balcony in the sun, where you have a fantastic view over the island. I have time to relax here!

4. How important is a healthy lifestyle to you? What does that mean for you specifically?

I lead a very active life due to my job and the many activities. I pay particular attention to a healthy diet, especially in summer. But every now and then I treat myself to something!

5. Where do you get your daily energy from?

Mallorca gives a lot of energy. The sun and the great colors always give me a lot of energy. Now is high season and temperatures are already around 30 degrees. About once a week I go on a bike ride with my guests, which I always have a lot of fun.

6. How do you create the right balance between work and private life?

For me it is actually a challenge to master this balance. Since I have a 7-day week in which I'm busy from morning to evening and I also live in a hotel, this isn't always easy. Every now and then I manage to take a break in the evening.

7. What do you find particularly fabulous about 3Bears Porridge?

Normally you mix the oat flakes yourself with other ingredients. However, at 3Bears the preparation is quick and easy, the fruit is already included and on top of that the porridge has a good taste.

At my hotel there are the small 3Bears Porridge packages as a welcome gift.

3Bears porridge serving packages ma13

8. Why do you think porridge is the perfect breakfast for an athlete? How does it fit into his everyday life?

It fills the carbohydrate stores very well and supplies the body with many vitamins that can be easily utilized and provide energy. Porridge is uncomplicated and very easy to prepare. It is also easy to digest and does not put any strain on the body.

Overnight oats are particularly popular with athletes because the oat flakes are already soaked and are therefore easier to absorb and process by the body. A delicious quick meal after training.

9. Who is the most famous cyclist/athlete who has visited your hotel so far?

T he most successful racing driver is certainly André Greipel. The best known is Christoph Froom.

10. What was the most unusual food or drink request from a cyclist at your hotel?

I don't serve decaffeinated coffee or latte macchiato, which confuses some guests. The strangest action was that a guest wanted his breakfast egg cooked for 25 minutes.

We thank Jan Eric for his time and this fabulous interview!

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