What is porridge actually?

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Porridge, a classic and traditional breakfast in Great Britain, is increasingly seen as the new in-breakfast and trendy meal in Germany. Not long ago, many people turned up their noses when the word porridge was mentioned. Now curiosity wins and enthusiasm for the varied, wholesome breakfast increases! Here you can find out everything about the delicious warm oat meal and get the most important facts and information at a glance.

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When is the best time to eat porridge ? - For breakfast!

Along with baked beans, porridge is probably one of the most famous English breakfast dishes.

Now in this country, too, the days of the everyday breakfast of bread with nut nougat spread, honey, jam, cheese or sausage and pastries are slowly numbering. And muesli and fruit salad also face some competition as healthy breakfast options. Because porridge is becoming increasingly popular among people who want a good start to their active day, eat consciously and want to stay full for a long time. It will be exciting and varied on the breakfast table!

Where does porridge come from? - Origin and history

Porridge, England's national dish, was once considered a meal for poor people and was not only eaten for breakfast - as it is today. The warm porridge originated in Scotland and was popularly eaten by working families there for breakfast, lunch or evening meal. Today, when preparing oat flakes, they are mixed directly with liquid; But things were different back then: the porridge was only mixed with water and warmed up and cold milk, cream or buttermilk was often available on the table as an addition. Then the full spoonful of porridge was dunked before it went into the mouth.

How do I make my own porridge? - The preparation

Making porridge yourself is not difficult and is quick and easy. The classic recipe for porridge only calls for a few simple ingredients. The basis is oat flakes or oat flour or oat bran, which are boiled with water or milk (vegetable milk alternatives such as oat, soy or coconut milk also work wonderfully) and, if desired, a pinch of salt. Porridge is served in the classic way, often with honey, cinnamon, or syrup (for example agave syrup) for those who like it sweet. Fresh fruits also go wonderfully as a topping! For even more ideas on how you can combine your porridge bowl, take a look at this great article .

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Very easy and quick to prepare!

Ingredients: ½ cup oatmeal or ready-made porridge mix & a full cup of milk or water

That's how it's done:

1. Place the mixture in a saucepan and bring to the boil while stirring.
2. Now let the porridge simmer over low heat for a few minutes.

Alternatively in the microwave:

Heat the same mixture of flakes and milk directly in the cereal bowl on medium power. If necessary, stir occasionally. Your porridge is ready to eat in just three minutes! On our website you will find a helpful illustration that shows how to prepare porridge again.

Check out our blog too! There you will find great recipes on how to combine porridge and what else you can prepare with it. Get inspired!

What is 3Bears Porridge? - Porridge for connoisseurs!

The perfect consistency of porridge is often the subject of much debate. We at 3Bears Porridge believe that the right porridge should be creamy and crunchy at the same time. That's why we use a mixture of different oat flakes of the highest quality in our 'Hearty Classic' . Our porridge comes from 100% natural ingredients, with no added sugar!

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But you don't have to handle toppings every morning to enjoy fabulous enjoyment and a great taste experience. All sorts of delicious things can be mixed into the classic porridge mixture, such as dried fruits, coconut, cinnamon and more. We at 3Bears Porridge have developed great flavors in which different flavors such as cinnamon and apple, fruit and coconut, or poppy seeds and banana merge in a magical way. You can find out more about our varieties in our shop .

With this variety of flavors, there is always variety and there is something for everyone!

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Why porridge? - Valuable source of energy and nutrients

It's not without reason that porridge is so popular in Great Britain and has always been appreciated by the Scots. The oat meal is full of valuable nutrients, such as complex carbohydrates, fiber and minerals, vegetable protein and vitamins. It is pleasantly digestible and keeps you full for a long time without putting any strain on the body. Porridge is often referred to as an energy source and power food - for a pleasant start to an active day!

Now our questions for you:

Now you probably know more about porridge. What else would you like to know about the breakfast meal?

How do you like to eat your porridge? Send us your comments and tell us about your ideas and creations - we are excited!

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