5 reasons why you should eat nuts regularly

5 Gründe, warum du regelmässig Nüsse essen solltest

Is there anything better than the crunch of roasted nuts or a big spoonful of creamy nut butter? It's not just the taste that impresses us with nuts in their entirety. We are convinced: If you read these 5 reasons, you will incorporate even more nuts into your meal plan.

1. Nuts are brain food

Nuts are known as brain food. Full of valuable nutrients, they stimulate our brain cells and bring our performance into high gear. It's not without reason that the well-known mixture of nuts and dried fruits is called trail mix. Hazelnuts are particularly well-known as nerve food. With an extremely large proportion of omega-9 fatty acids, hazelnuts support the function of our nerve cells.

2. High nutrient density

The bad reputation that nuts have a very high calorie content is long outdated. The high calorie density has remained the same - but it is now crystal clear that the many benefits and high nutrient density of nuts make them absolute heroes. This means that nuts can do great things even in small amounts.

With a small portion you can give your body valuable nutrients and quickly feel full. Nuts are therefore also a popular and healthy snack to counteract cravings.

So what exactly makes nuts so unique? Nuts provide valuable unsaturated fatty acids and are rich in proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. So to speak, everything that is good compressed into a small nut. Around 25 g of nuts are recommended for daily needs. That's about a handful. (Source: German Society for Nutrition e. V. )

3. Healthy fats

So what’s the deal with healthy fats? In short: Unsaturated fatty acids have a positive effect on our cardiovascular system and can reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancer. The problem with unsaturated fatty acids is that they hide well and can only be found in a few foods. The high fat content of the nuts definitely benefits us here. Pecan nuts, for example, are particularly tasty and have the highest calories. Doesn't that sound like a brilliant topping for your porridge?

4. Nuts keep you fit – antioxidants

Nuts are full of antioxidants and are great helpers for staying fit and healthy. Antioxidants what?! Simply put, antioxidants are little super heroes that are found in nuts, for example, and have a protective and health-promoting effect. They fight against free radicals and protect our body from cell damage.

5. Feelgood food nuts

In addition to all the wonderful health benefits, nuts are also clearly feel-good food. Is there anything better than the crunch of nuts in porridge or the smell of roasted nuts? Even in the form of nut butter, we find them difficult to resist. The combination of our oat flakes and nuts is an absolute power food. We find the recipe for our winter porridge bowl with nut topping particularly delicious. There is also a portion of walnuts hidden in our recipe for vegan banana bread .

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