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Simple running tips for beginners and advanced runners

Einfache Lauftipps für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene

Would you also like to feel fitter, spend more time in nature and in the fresh air and do something for your body, mind and soul? Hardly any other season is as suitable for this as the wonderfully warm late summer. Especially when the sun is shining, in the cool morning hours or when dusk slowly sets over the country in the evening, there is nothing better than running a few laps.

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The great thing about running is that anyone can get involved, whether they are a beginner or an athlete. What we love about running is the positive effects it has on our entire body and mind. Muscles are built, the endurance of the heart and lungs is trained and more oxygen reaches our cells. Fat burning is also stimulated, the happiness hormones endorphin and serotonin are released and your head can finally switch off. After a round of jogging, you feel balanced and happy about your performance.

Here at 3Bears the topic of running is very important. Our founders Caroline and Tim love to walk along the Isar before or after a day in the office. Next month Tim will even be taking part in the Berlin Marathon together with Greg and Max from the 3Bears team! It is of course clear where they get the energy from - from a healthy and balanced breakfast ;)

Here you will find 6 simple running tips that Tim wrote down for you.

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Tips for running

If you are interested in running, SportScheck has also created a free e-book full of tips, techniques, training plans and nutritional rules that will help you find balance in your everyday life, increase your fitness or lose weight. Experts report on their running practice and tell you what you should pay attention to so that nothing goes wrong. In addition to good running shoes, this includes warming up, breathing evenly and stretching muscles and ligaments after exercise. If you are a beginner, you should walk loosely and choose a slightly slower pace so that you do not get short of breath and do not injure yourself. Walking breaks and recovery periods are essential. If you want to prepare for a competition or want to lose weight specifically, we recommend interval runs and performance improvements. You can find training plans in the SportScheck e-book , which you can download for free.

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The right diet before exercise

When you start running, you quickly realize how important healthy nutrition is for your fitness and endurance. Basically, it's important to eat fresh and varied. Before training, you should not eat meals that are difficult to digest. If you prefer to run in the morning, our delicious porridge is perfect for you. It provides maximum energy, is easy to digest and, thanks to its high fiber content, keeps blood sugar constant over a long period of time. Protein and magnesium from milk, yogurt or low-fat curd ensure optimal recovery for your body after training. You can find out about all the health benefits of porridge in our article “Why are oats actually healthy?” read up. Important: Don't eat too much and avoid fatty foods, because if you run while feeling full, you will quickly become sluggish and tired. But not eating anything is just as bad. If you have a growling stomach, your energy level is very low and you cannot perform to your full potential when running. Don't forget to drink enough fluids!

Do you need more inspiration for your runner's breakfast? Then browse through our recipes .

What are your favorite snacks before and after exercise? Do you eat scrambled eggs, porridge, fruit, or anything else? Tell us in the comments or tag us #3bearsporridge #precisely.

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