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6 simple nutrition tips for active people

6 einfache Ernährungstipps für Aktive

Another blog post about vegetarian or vegan nutrition? Yes, but different! For a healthy lifestyle, not only is enough exercise and sport important, but of course the right diet is also important. That's why our friends from Urban Sports Club and you are going grocery shopping together today and will show you how you can use healthy foods to feel better, stronger and healthier for your next sports class. Let's go! Let's go to the supermarket and take the shopping list of basic sports-friendly foods with us.

Porridge Frozen Berries

1. Ingredients for a healthy start to the day 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Who does not know it? Just buy a quick “coffee to go” and a croissant from the bakery on the corner and go to work. But since that's not a good basis for starting the day, the first thing we do is stop at the cereal shelf. And it's best not to reach for the chocolate flakes that bring back childhood memories, but instead for whole grain oatmeal or 3Bears Porridge . These fiber-rich, delicious and filling starters will wake you up and put you in a good mood in the early morning.

2. Let's move on to the nut department

Natural foods like nuts and seeds are essential for you and your shopping basket because they promote activity and mental performance. Which nuts? All! Add it to your shopping cart! You can also top your porridge or overnight oats with nuts - for that extra crunch and lots of valuable nutrients. The little bundles of energy are also great in our delicious “low sugar” granola .

Milk Overnight Oats Recipe Oatmeal

3. Milk cheers up tired athletes. Soy products too!

Milk is an optimal source of nutrients. It is not necessary to give up fish and meat completely, but it is better to switch to legumes as a substitute, because animal products spoil very quickly and develop toxins that an athlete cannot use. In general, you should leave anything in the supermarket that makes you sluggish and tired. Vary your porridge sometimes with cow's milk or with oat or coconut drink. This brings variety to your breakfast bowl!

4. At the source of danger

So now we walk past the ready-meal refrigerated counter as quickly as possible or give it a wide berth. Ready meals etc. contain exactly the harbingers of bad luck that we want to avoid due to their large number of toxic substances. And while we're at it, no go's also include: worrying drinks like alcohol and coffee, refined sugar, white bread and too many carbohydrates, which raise blood sugar levels, as well as garlic and mushrooms because they're too difficult to digest. Of course there is a clear GO for porridge! Swollen oat flakes are easy to digest, do not burden you and keep your blood sugar level constant for a long time.

5. Back to the drinks department

Crap, we forgot water and herbal tea. Back again, because these fluids are extremely important for quickly and easily getting rid of toxins from the air or the effects of stress on your body.

Urban Sports Club Nutrition Tips

6. Take a deep breath and pack your sports gear

And now you've arrived back home, unpacked your shopping bag and asked yourself: How should I prepare delicious food from it? No worries! If that's too much for you to begin with, then start slowly changing your diet and you'll quickly notice how good it feels! You'll also find lots of inspiration in our recipes - for porridge, overnight oats and other wholesome oat recipes.

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