Why is porridge actually healthy? All the health benefits of the superfood oats!

Warum ist Porridge eigentlich gesund? Alle Health Benefits des Superfood Hafer!

Whether before school, university or in the office - for many of us, a delicious, light and healthy breakfast is a must because we need a lot of energy so that we can perform at peak performance throughout the day. Sugary cereals or sweet pastries are delicious, but unfortunately less suitable for getting us going in the morning. Because these foods cause our insulin levels to rise rapidly. Then a nasty craving is guaranteed to follow and you'll feel pretty tired and listless.

Smart breakfast eaters are therefore more likely to choose whole foods in order to keep their blood sugar levels constant for a long time and to stay focused and productive. The first meal of the day is really tasty and healthy with cereal flakes , which are nutritious, light and digestible - and with fruits, nuts, cheese or eggs, they taste different every day and never boring.

Oatmeal milk porridge preparation healthy

Oatmeal – superfood in every breakfast bowl!

The secret star among the grains is oatmeal. Currently found again as a trendy superfood as an ingredient in every bowl, oats were never really “out.” Because the flakes are particularly low in gluten and calories and at the same time more nutrient-rich than all other types of grain.

Oatmeal can do much more than just support a slim diet. They also have many health benefits, care for the intestinal flora and can even have a cancer-preventing effect. If you eat porridge regularly in the morning, you can even lower your blood sugar and cholesterol. Oats provide essential nutrients such as biotin, zinc, B1 and B6. There is also a high iron and magnesium content - a must for our nutrient balance. Thanks to the balanced mix of good fiber ( which keeps you full for a long time and is easy to digest ), iron, protein, folic acid and complex carbohydrates, you will stay full until lunch .

But oats are not just a healthy miracle weapon for really getting enough energy for the day. Oat products are delicious all-round snacks. Whether mixed cold with milk or water - or as warm porridge , refined with fruits and sweet berries - oatmeal tastes good anytime and anywhere.

Bowl of porridge raspberries

Why porridge? Because it awakens the fit pleasure bear in you.

By the way: If you prefer to lie in bed longer in the morning, you can prepare delicious overnight oats or one the evening before. Here's how it works: simply 50g 3Bears Porridge Mix with 100ml milk and leave in the fridge overnight. A tip from the bears: mix in some quark or yoghurt in the morning. This makes the oats even fresher and more summery. For those who prefer to eat their breakfast liquid, you can also make delicious smoothies using the 3Bears oatmeal blends. This protein-rich berry smoothie is a summer breakfast hit!

Overnight oats blackberries recipe

In our recipes you will find powerful summer creations to spoon away . You can find even more healthy porridge power in our delicious sample package . 

Tell us your favorite porridge recipes and share your best breakfast moments. #3Bearsporridge #just right

So, be strong, smart breakfast eaters and get started 3Bears healthy and delicious into your day!

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Wenn von sehr guter Qualität gesprochen wird, kann man eigentlich erwarten, dass die Haferflocken in ihrer Reinheit als glutenfrei bezeichnet werden könnten.


eigentlich mag ich haferflocken sehr,aber ,mich stören ihre englischen worte im deutschen text.kann man nicht einfach schüssel und gesundheitliche vorteile schreiben,meine mutter ruft mich laufend im institut an und will irgentwelche worte übersetzt haben,wenn sie am pc eine nachricht von ihnen erhält.

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