Make your own healthy Advent calendar

Adventskalender selber machen

Do you already have your Advent calendar 2021? The last days of November go by faster than you can say “porridge”. Sooner or later the question arises: make your own Advent calendar or buy an Advent calendar. We think both are pretty good. Our Porridge Advent Calendar and the large 3Bears Advent Calendar are both guaranteed to sweeten December with our healthy oat heroes. If you're more of a DIY Advent calendar team, then you still don't have to miss out on tasty porridge - we have a few ideas.

Make your own Advent calendar – this is how it works

For a homemade Advent calendar, you definitely need something to fill it with. Whether paper bags or cloth bags is up to you. In any case, you need 24 of them. For example, there are stickers or brackets for numbering. Then you can get started.

Make your own Advent calendar

The best ideas for filling your healthy Advent calendar

So that we can get through Advent fit and healthy together, we have collected our best ideas for you on how you can fill your Advent calendar with healthy treats.

Dried fruits & nuts

Dried fruits and nuts are the perfect healthy snack and brain food at the same time. By the way, there is a huge selection of dried fruits if you are a little put off and think of dried plums. You can create an extraordinary fruit and nut mix with unusual types of fruit such as dried cherries, mangoes or dried pineapple.

Dried fruits nuts

Homemade cookies

Cookies are a must at Christmas, right? With homemade oatmeal cookies you have the perfect sweet snack for your Advent calendar. You can find a simple recipe for vegan oat cookies here.

Healthy cookies with oatmeal

Pocket porridge in 6 tasty varieties

Healthy, extremely tasty and the perfect size for every Advent calendar – this makes our Pocket Porridge the absolute must-have for your DIY Advent calendar. Our Pocket Porridge is now available in 6 delicious varieties: everything from fruity to chocolatey! With our Pocket Porridge trial pack you get all varieties and can fill most of your Advent doors without any problems.

Fill the Advent calendar

Homemade granola

Nothing beats a creamy porridge with a crunchy bite. However, we have no objection to a little crunch on top. Particularly tasty: overnight oats topped with yoghurt and homemade crunchy granola without sugar. Unfortunately, the version you buy is often packed with industrial sugar. Making your own granola is super easy. Here you will find our basic recipe for homemade granola .

Homemade granola without sugar

Door No. 24

You've probably already put a lot of effort into each individual door and put a lot of creativity and passion into it. At the last door there can be another special surprise. Not so easy – unless the Advent calendar is for a true porridge lover! Then there's actually no way around our Bärenbon . Our bear voucher is available with a voucher value starting at 15 euros. With this you can definitely make your eyes shine at door number 24.

Voucher 3Bears

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