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Good resolutions for 2019 - get strong!

Gute Vorsätze für 2019 - mach dich bärenstark!

The cookies have been eaten, the presents have been opened, the songs have been sung... even if the tree is still standing, Christmas is now over. The slide into the new year is already over and now we're all asking ourselves the same thing... what do we want to do better in 2019?

Resolutions don’t always have to mean a big change. Sometimes small changes can have a much bigger impact than expected, such as new toppings on your everyday porridge!

Learn a new language

Do you want a new challenge? Here in the Bärenhöhle you always hear many different languages ​​- after all, our founder Tim comes from England, and we also have many other employees from different countries who speak other languages. So we learn new words every day!

If the thought of taking an official language course is a little daunting, you can also start with a free app, such as Duolingo .

Try a new sport

Have you always wanted to run more in recent years, but in vain? How about a new sport, such as snowshoeing, karate, yoga or Zumba? And if you don't always want to go to the gym straight away, you can easily train at home online, for example with Gymondo .

And of course the whole thing is always more fun with friends!

Healthy snacks for in between meals

In December, chocolate and freshly baked cookies were everywhere and we just couldn't resist. Nevertheless, a little snack in between should not be missed! Instead of chocolate, we now prefer fresh fruit, or even homemade crackers , oat bars or similar. Let our recipe blog inspire you!

Spice up your breakfast

Have you always wanted to learn to ski jump? Paragliding? Dive? If this all seems a little intimidating, try something smaller first, like spicing up your breakfast a little in the morning. Do you always eat your porridge warm and prepared with water? How about oat milk? A few pistachios on top? Drizzle a little honey on it? Or maybe overnight oats?

In the bear cave it is always exciting to see how everyone prepares their porridge. You can always find some inspiration there! And if you don't have any ideas, then take a look at our recipe blog , or order our recipe book "Porridge - just right for breakfast" now.

What are your resolutions for 2019? #makeyoubearstrong #3bearsporridge #justright

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