Our top 10 snack recipes - against cravings

Unsere top 10 Snack Rezepte - gegen Heisshunger-Attacken

In this very special collection you will find our favorite recipes for snacks and quick meals for when you are hungry. They are all wonderfully easy to prepare, easy to make and are just as suitable for on the go.

Because who doesn't know it? The afternoon slump, the hunger before or after exercise, the desire to snack, but always the guilty conscience.

Here you will find great recipes for wholesome snacks for in between meals - many without added sugar and with an extra portion of protein and fiber. So you can get started and score points with your friends or in the office. All recipes use our delicious 3Bears porridge varieties - because they can do so much more than “just” porridge.

Because if there are our delicious energy balls in the 3Bears office, for example, there is nothing left! So go ahead, browse through our healthy and delicious snack recipes and be perfectly prepared the next time you get a little hungry - whether in the office, in the sports studio, on the playground with the kids or on the mountain.

By the way, we are always incredibly happy to receive feedback on our recipes, your variations and pictures! So feel free to leave us a comment, contact us or share your great porridge and snack moments on Instagram and Facebook .

1. Spicy Pumpkin Granola

You can also enjoy 3Bears Porridge spicy with this recipe . A fabulously aromatic creation made from a variety of ingredients that quickly transforms into a savory pumpkin crunch in the oven. Snacking is twice as much fun with a clear conscience!

2. Vegan nut and oat bars for athletes

In addition to lots of exercise and sport, proper nutrition plays a big role - the two go hand in hand. We get fit with lots of exercise in the fresh air and a good portion of plant-based proteins. Whether before or after training, with these power bars you are guaranteed to overcome every hurdle!

3. Quinoa Berry Bars

Just lie back, relax, take a deep breath and enjoy a break! We have the perfect snack for you! Whether in the office, at university or on your next outdoor tour, this fruity, crunchy muesli bar is ideal for taking a breather. With the numerous kernels and seeds, you will be full for a long time and enjoy a delicious snack. 3Bears Porridge with cranberries and currants just tastes so delicious and fruity! You can prepare and store the bars in no time and you are prepared for any eventuality. So, let's go!

4. Fruity energy balls with no added sugar

Are you looking for the right snack for in-between meals - one that doesn't just contain sugar and fat? Then our magical Porridge Energy Balls are just right!

5. Magical Apple Cinnamon Granola – the crunchy muesli fun!

Granola can be conjured up in no time at all from all 6 delicious 3Bears porridge varieties . All you need is some coconut or linseed oil, agave syrup, chopped nuts of your choice and an oven. And as if by magic, our porridge mixtures turn into healthy, crunchy fun!

6. Poppy banana flapjacks

With 3Bears Porridge Poppy Banana, the British oatmeal classic “Flapjack” can be transformed into a wonderful piece of enjoyment that literally melts in your mouth. Poppy seeds and banana give the flapjacks a particularly aromatic note and the preparation works as if by magic. You only need 5 ingredients!

7. Healthy and vegan snack: spicy granola

You can also enjoy 3Bears Porridge spicy with this recipe . A fabulously aromatic creation made from various ingredients that quickly transforms into a savory pumpkin crunch with fresh apricot pieces in the oven. Snacking is twice as much fun with a clear conscience! Because one serving of the granola only has 89 calories!

8. Cinnamon Apple Granola

Attention porridge lovers! You can prepare this fruity, spicy crunchy muesli in less than ten minutes. Simply enjoy it either plain with milk from your favorite cereal bowl or give your yogurt bowl an upgrade. Psst... You can also just eat it straight from the tray. Because the crispy apple pieces with the subtle note of cardamom and cinnamon are simply irresistible!

9. Crispy Oat Crackers

When we pay attention to a healthy diet, it can often be difficult for us to eat nutritious snacks. It's often easier to reach for chocolate... But if you have something wholesome with you instead, such as these delicious crackers from Helena , then you won't have a guilty conscience at all! We love this recipe, especially the various crunchy ingredients like sunflower seeds and of course our favorite ingredient: oatmeal.

10. Oat granola bars with poppy banana

Whether as a pick-me-up for on the go or for when you're a bit hungry, these muesli bars are wholesome and, above all, delicious! With this recipe you can easily conjure up the ideal bar yourself from hearty oat flakes, refreshing fruits and good honey. A completely natural muesli bar without industrial sugar with delicious 3Bears porridge .

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