Top 15 low calorie recipes

Top 15 kalorienarmen Rezepte

Light cuisine does not have to be bland, boring and tasteless. Quite the opposite!

Our 3Bears Porridge varieties prove this to you every morning! Each 3Bears porridge variety contains less than 200 kcal (if prepared with water) and will keep you full for hours! But there's more to it than just porridge...

If you want to enjoy something light and healthy, you've come to the right place with this collection of great, low-calorie dishes, from snacks to overnight oats.

The following recipes do n't contain a lot of fat or calories , but instead provide complex carbohydrates, vegetable protein and fiber. All great sources of energy that keep you full for longer. And not only is it light and low in calories, it's also quick and tastes wonderfully delicious. Included are great recipes for porridge, overnight oats, desserts, snacks and much more.

By the way, we are always incredibly happy to receive feedback on our recipes, your variations and pictures! So feel free to leave us a comment, contact us ( ) or share your great porridge moments on Instagram and Facebook @3bearsporridge


1. Low calorie apple cinnamon smoothie

The smoothie can be prepared directly with the pure porridge mixture or with the 3Bears porridge flakes that have already been soaked overnight. It's done in no time and all you need is a mixer. Breakfast has rarely been so easy!

2. Berry porridge full of vitamins

Make yourself #strong as a bear! Do something good for yourself and treat yourself to our guest blogger's vitamin-rich fruit porridge oneslicemore . This can also be prepared wonderfully with the Thermomix.

3. Chocolate Proats with fresh strawberries

Overnight oats are not only great for saving time in the morning, but are also super tasty and keep you full for a long time because the oatmeal swells. Aren't chocolatey porridge and strawberries just made for each other? Our strawberry chocolate proats provide the proof, with our fabulously delicious new variety Fine cocoa !

4. Apple Cinnamon Proats for Athletes

You can easily create a quick but magically delicious Proats breakfast using our cinnamon apple as overnight oats with low-fat quark and toppings.

It's quick and ideal for athletes!

5. Vegan overnight oats with banana

A vegan delight! The overnight oats with 3Bears Poppy Banana Porridge are very easy to prepare and , combined with blueberries, are a wonderfully vegan taste magic. A truly bearish taste experience!


6. Greek-style porridge

You can conjure up a bit of Greek freshness on the breakfast table with this porridge , which you can easily prepare in a pot or in the microwave and then add toppings to create a Greek taste experience!

7. Fruity Proats Porridge Bowl

For a great start to the day, you can easily prepare 3Bears Porridge Fruity Coconut in the pot or in the microwave. You can also create your own protein-rich berry quark . That sounds fabulous!

8. Protein-rich berry smoothie

This berry smoothie can be prepared directly with the pure 3Bears porridge mixture or with 3Bears porridge flakes that have already been soaked overnight. It's done in no time and all you need is a mixer.

9. Summer vitamin porridge

This bowl is bursting with bright colors, textures and flavors! Crunchy fruit, crunchy nuts and creamy porridge make this recipe a low-calorie, healthy and delicious breakfast on warm summer days. The vitamins of fresh fruits, plus the valuable nutrients of “Superfood” oats provide a proper energy boost in the morning.

10. Filling banana smoothie

The smoothie can be prepared directly with the pure poppy banana porridge mixture or with 3Bears porridge flakes that have already been soaked overnight. It's done in no time and all you need is a mixer.
The best thing: it keeps you full for a long time and doesn't have many calories!

11. Summer porridge bowl with frozen berries

Sour-sweet berries harmonize wonderfully with the natural oat aroma of ours A hearty classic . They are also a real energy booster in the morning - and perfect for a wholesome breakfast without added sugar.

12. Overnight oats with yogurt and fresh berries

Who doesn't want to have a #strong overnight oats in the morning so that you have lots of energy for the day. With this berry recipe you can have a really good time.

13. Green Mango Smoothie

What about the resolutions? If you have also decided to make your life healthier, then this smoothie is perfect for you!

With little sugar - but with lots of good and important nutrients and our fabulous poppy banana . And the best thing about it: You can conjure up this real stimulant in just 5 minutes.

14. Savory Porridge: Spicy Avocado Porridge Bowl

Here at 3Bears we love our fruit varieties, but you really shouldn't underestimate our hearty classic . Especially during the carnival season, he can dress up incredibly well - for example as a hearty avocado porridge . Juicy mushrooms, fresh basil and a ripe avocado - it couldn't be better!

15. Vegan coconut porridge with figs and apricot compote

Whether sun or rain, we always like fruity colors in the porridge bowl! Just right for in between meals or for the perfect start to the morning. Just like any of our porridge varieties, this taste magic will keep you full for a long time. Simply fabulous!

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